The reason ATA died, and died so abruptly, were rising fuel costs and that they lost a key contract with Federal Express for flying military personnel on ATA aircraft. [Bloomberg]


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  1. valthun says:

    yeah, another reason could be because in order to get a blanket or a pillow they charged you 10 bucks. I think a candy bar was 2 dollars as well, the only thing you got for free on a flight from LAX to Oahu was a soda. It wasn’t a fun flight and that was in 06. I am not surprised. Sucks for those with tickets though, especially if they are on vacation.

  2. MMD says:

    If they treated the military personnel the way they treated me the one (and only time) I flew with them, it’s no surprise they lost that contract. I feel for the people whose travel plans are screwed, but I’m not that surprised that ATA would choose the worst possible way to exit the scene…

  3. MMD says:

    Test test test…why don’t my comments show up?

    What I tried to say was that if ATA treated the military personnel anything like they treated me the one and only time I flew with them, their failure is no surprise. The way they exited the scene is pretty similar to the way they’ve always treated their customers.