National City Mortgage Company Can't Help You Access Your Account

Reader Kevin writes in with one of those stories that makes you feel like pulling your hair out. He can’t access his online account with National City and they can’t help him.

We join Kevin as he calls National City to see if they can help him access his account:

So I dial the number provided and find that it dumps me into the standard no apparent way out IVR phone system and I find that no option on the main menu pertains to getting help with the web site. Hmmm. What to do, what to do. So I proceed to bang on the 0 till the phone rings again. Now I am dropped into the queue waiting for a live body. A lovely lady with a very thick accent who we shall call Maria comes on the line and offers her assistance. “How may I help you?” She asks. I proceed to explain my predicament and she quickly says “no problem, let me pull that up and see what is the matter.”

After some furious tapping on her end she comes back with “oh I am sorry sir you don’t seem to be registered on our web site.” To which I quickly respond “thats funny then how was I able to access the site in the past without an account?” A perplexed Maria comes back with “oh well we installed a new program back in October and if you haven’t used the system since then you will need to register.” I reminded Maria that I had already tried that and that the system was saying that there is already an account set up, I am just the dork who cant remember one of his 63 user id’s on a site that is at the bottom on my regular use list. An even more perplexed Maria comes back with “have you tried to register again?” Of course I reminded Maria again of why I was calling. Then the hammer is dropped. Maria proceeds to tell me “I am sorry sir there is nothing else I can do for you then since you don’t have an account on the system.”

At this point my jovial mood was beginning to sour and in an effort to not resort to verbal abuse I asked “is there another group that I can be transferred to that can help me resolve this problem?” Maria regretfully explains in no uncertain terms NO. My only option is to have Maria send an email to some mythological group that might be able to sprinkle some pixie dust and banish the ghosts in the database that are holding my records hostage. I ask for the email address so that I may contact them directly and Maria informs me that “it is an internal address and cannot be given out. ” So needless to say I do not have the information I am looking for but I am now more concerned about the validity of the records they have about my mortgage. Does it make you nervous that a company like National City Mortgage who are in the business of maintaining millions of records of billions of dollars of mortgage payments. balances and such cant get a simple join between my account and my login that their interface can find but their backend side cant? Am I just stuck in cyber limbo?

So what is really burning me at the moment is that I have no recourse. There apparently isn’t anyone I can talk to to help resolve this and am now at the mercy of some group of guys probably a lot like me that have a lot of other stuff to deal with then to research something that they will get and attribute to a problem on my end and I will fall to the bottom of the pile because I cant have the conversation with them directly.

Ugh. Here’s a PDF with the names of everyone on the board of directors for National City. Maybe you could talk to some of them?

National City Mortgage has ghosts in their database. [Gray Drake]


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  1. martyz says:

    It took me about 45 minutes of phone calling to find out that there was no online account available for National City customers (if you are paying a 2nd trust/morgage)

    errrr… what year is it?

  2. DadCooks says:

    I have had three similar experiences in the recent past.

    For me, Bank of America, Charter Communications, and CitiCards have all created account access problems when they upgraded their site and/or “programs”.

    I have now come to expect this sort of a problem. I think it is really a ploy to get you to pay your bills online early. If you wait until a week or less before the due date be prepared for loss of your account access and a trip through phone-tree-hell.

  3. sprocket79 says:

    If the OP really has that many different user IDs and passwords to remember, he should invest in password vault software to prevent things like this from happening in the future. I use SplashID by SplashData and really like it. A friend of mine uses Roboform. I’m sure there’s others too.

  4. Odwalla says:

    Why purchase password vault software? KeePass ([]) is free, has source code available, and is really easy to use.

  5. Snakeophelia says:

    Wow, I have a National City mortgage, but I almost never try to do anything with them online. I just send in the payment coupons each month via snailmail. I think I might have created an account before last October, though, so I should log on and see how far I get….

  6. cubejockey says:

    National City is on the verge of being bought up by Wells Fargo. They subprimed themselves in a hole.

  7. RevRagnarok says:

    @martyz: 2nd this one – I used to have my 2nd mortgage with them and they don’t even allow online access. Bunch of ‘tards.

  8. satoru says:

    Personally I like using to manage my online accounts. It’s a great way to portalize all your accounts so that it’s easier to figure out how much you owe and such. It might give you a sobering thought when you realize the entry beside your Visa bill is significantly larger than the number beside your bank’s name :P

  9. RevRagnarok says:

    @Odwalla: Agreed, KeePass rocks. I have been using it for a few years. I keep it on my desktop PC and then use Remote Desktop from the laptop to have it login so my password is actually never sent over the wireless (turned off clipboard sharing, have KP not show password). Basically, you double click a password and (optionally) it is only on the clipboard for 10 seconds to paste it in. All my important sites (banking) have their own passwords that are 8-13 random characters (KP generates them too).

  10. RevRagnarok says:

    @satoru: I don’t trust anybody online to hold all my info like that. Used to be Excel, now it’s OOo Calc where I keep my finances. ;)

  11. chgoeditor says:

    I have a National City home equity line of credit, and I can’t access my account from, I have to go to Maybe you’re running into a similar problem?

  12. oakie says:



  13. uberbucket says:

    They should at least have some sort of password reset contingency, even people who don’t have 63 user IDs sometimes forget them.

  14. @DadCooks: Bank of America bounced me from access in an upgrade and refuses to let me back on no matter WHAT I do.

  15. valarmorghulis says:

    just for the record, IVR=the circle of Hell I least wish to be subjected to

  16. Krobar says:

    @chgoeditor actually you can as of last November, National City took away the requirement to have a checking account to have regular online banking.

  17. juniper says:

    National City’s 24-hour customer service is an outsourced joke. I’ve been hung up on by CSRs when I’ve asked to speak to a supervisor, or their ID number (since I know the names are fake).

  18. mostcleverusername says:

    @juniper: Outsourced joke? Just because a company hires people that aren’t born in the US doesn’t mean its outsourced. National City doesn’t outsource any job that involves voice communication with customers. The call centers for National City are located in throughout the Cleveland, Ohio area. I was going to stay out of this post because I am a National City employee, but the statement you made is borderline xenophobic.

  19. KevinReyn says:

    Hey all
    Some have mentioned password vaults or the like for the number of logins I have to deal with. Good suggestion only I dont tend to trust online storage of sensitive info like that. It may have saved me some hassle this time I agree. Also someone else mentioned maybe I was hitting the wrong site. Naw read a little closer, correct site even said I already had an account with my social and its the same account I always had logged into.

    Adding further insult to injury some mentioned that there had to be a way to reset your password. Well get this – you HAVE to know your login to reset your pass. Unlike many sites that will let you enter a email so they can send you your goodies, you cant even do that.

    It really is quite comical to me, as its not something I really absolutely have to have at the moment but it is stalling a project I have undertaken at home. /sigh oh well I will keep you up to speed on any resolution

  20. WhirlyBird says:

    @oakie: No more coffee for you, oakie!

  21. heavylee-again says:

    Does the OP have a local branch he can turn to for assistance?

  22. heavylee-again says:

    Or even if not local, call a branch and try to find a nice person who will go the extra mile for you.

  23. KJones says:

    When they say “can’t help”, they mean “won’t help”.

    Rule of thumb when dealing with governments or businesses when you need common courtesy and don’t have legal force: If they can do nothing and get away with it, they will do nothing and tell you to go away with it.

  24. sleze69 says:

    Just use opera. It’s magic wand feature remembers all your passwords.

  25. AMetamorphosis says:

    Give the guy a break …
    In todays online accounts EVERY site has a different naming convention required to access their site.

    I’m sure he was being sarcastic when he said 63 different IDs. I know with banking, credit cards, mortgages, 401k’s work & personal sites I too have well over 50 different password/login combinations.

    The trick is to use specific letters and number combinations so you can try them until you get in. The only time this irritates me is when the site decides to lock you out completely after 3 tries until you call phone tree hell and beg for a reset.

  26. CumaeanSibyl says:

    @cubejockey: I hear FifthThird and KeyCorp are more likely at this point. Wells Fargo is looking at several options, and National City isn’t in their territory.

  27. Sidecutter says:

    @mostcleverusername: Why does it have to be xenophobic? Any service that your hire out to a company other than your own, regardless of the location, is outsourced. it doesn;t automatically mean foreign.

    @KevinReyn: Password vaults are not normally online services. They reside on your own PC, and you use a master password to access them. the only way this can possibly be a problem is if you give someone that master password.

  28. Buran says:

    @Odwalla: I prefer just integrating the function into my browser with a Firefox extension called PasswordMaker — their site also has a few other variants including a Mac widget and online forms.

  29. Buran says:

    @WhirlyBird: Don’t feed the blame-the-victim troll.

  30. PalmBayChuck says:

    I’m a National City customer and I’m happy with their service. I had an issue when National City purchased Harbor Federal Bank which is where my account was initially. The bank purchase went very smoothly, but I also had problems with web access. One call to a friendly person resolved my problems. You could have been speaking with a Noob. Call and try again.

    Also, they just introduced a nice new e-mail feature where you can be updated via e-mail of your balance daily, as well as a bunch of other stuff. Nice.

  31. jentink says:

    I’ve had nothing but good experiences with National City. I’ve had prompt replies to emailed questions, and the couple of times I’ve had to use the phone, I got to a real person quite quickly. I am enrolled in the mortgage accelerator program that they have as well, and was transferred to the correct department for that in one try.

  32. PalmBayChuck says:


    Sure they do man. Check again. I have access to all my bank accounts and 2nd mortgage.

  33. 2ndmostcleverusername says:

    I believe that Kevin needs to go to or call 1-800-822-5626. Within the website, there is an address for the Executive Office under Contact Us. Not sure if you may have gone to the wrong place. No NC Call Centers are located outside of the US or outsourced to a 3rd party. All are run by National City Employees and located within the NC footprint (OH, MI, IL, PA). The IVR’s are designed for self-service and always provide an option to speak to an agent as do all of the branch systems. There are numerous people working to develop a better way for you to get quick and efficient service. Yes, every business is looking to cut costs and service customers as quickly as possible. National City is no exception. Give it another try and hopefully you will be able to get the assistance you need.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I have been attempting to deal with Natl City on a loan work-out for FOUR MONTHS now. Meaningful communication has been next to impossible. I don’t think it has anything to do w/ their system, resetting passwords, your system, or anything like that. I’m quite convinced after 4 months that the difficulty in reaching anyone, or accessing information is by design.