Citibank’s online banking site was down all day yesterday for some readers. Some folks were told a server went down, others were told it was a system upgrade. The site is supposed to be back up today.


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  1. cotr says:

    worked yesterday…

  2. K-Bo says:

    Worked for me yesterday, but they have had a message up for about a week that they are going to have a new look, and few websites pull off a new look without some hitches.

  3. bsalamon says:

    april fools?

  4. eighth_note says:

    No bank does a system upgrade in the middle of the day especially on a week day.

  5. telepheedian says:


    That would be ridiculously unprofessional of them, I doubt it.

  6. NotATool says:

    Umm..didn’t work for me for a long time yesterday. I didn’t call to find out why, just waited and rechecked last night and it was working then.

  7. I tried from around 7am PT to 6pm and it never worked for me once. I just thought it was their April Fools Day joke on me. I didn’t call in yesterday, but my account works fine today. Takes a little longer to load though.

  8. dazzlezak says:


    call in, ask to be transferred to E-services

  9. MMD says:

    @dazzlezak: Ooo, I wouldn’t ask for that department!
    The site’s been buggy for days now (the login page just kept refreshing every time I tried to log in), and I called to ask when the site would be back up. The e-services rep kept me on the phone for 15 minutes, asking me to look for specific cookies to delete – none of which existed. It worked after I deleted all cookies with “citi” in the name. Then yesterday I couldn’t log in all day. It seems to work now. Seriously, how hard is it to make sure a site works *before* installing an upgrade?