AT&T Introduces Pro-Rated Termination Fees

It’s finally official: as of May 25th, AT&T will join the ranks of the pro-rating carrier crowd (which so far just includes Verizon) and start reducing their early termination fees (ETFs) by $5 per month on both one and two-year contracts. This only applies to new customers and those renewing contracts on or after May 25th, so if you can, try to hold off on entering into a contract with AT&T for the next two months. What up, Sprint and T-Mobile? Why is it taking so long for you to pro-rate your ETFs? We guess you’re too busy going out of business and suing creation, respectively.

“AT&T to pro-rate early termination fee” [Seattle PI]

“Carriers Promised Congress They’d Pro-Rate ETFs; Senator Asks Them, ‘When?'”

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