Select Jack In The Boxes Offering Free Wi-Fi

Update, February 2010: The dream is dead!

If you live in California or Arizona, your nearby recently-remodeled Jack in the Box restaurant might be offering free wi-fi, says “If you see a big screen TV, look for a 5 digit code in the bottom left corner. It’s your ticket to free Internet with your burger and fries.” So far the service isn’t being officially promoted and appears to be in a testing phase, but Knowzy’s editors were able to use the service at several Jack in the Boxes they visited.

They point out a few limitations they’ve discovered: you only get 2 hours of access every 12 hours, and there’s some strong “inappropriate content” filtering in place. You also have to enter the 5 digit code via a website to gain access, so wi-fi enabled devices that don’t have web browsers won’t work.

So far there are only a handful of locations in the two states that seem to be testing the service (check out their site for a list of current active spots), but Knowzy says others are expected to go online in April according to store managers.

“Free Wi-Fi Internet at Jack in the Box” []
(Photo: Pookeesmom) (Thanks to Ashi!)

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