Your Bill For Using Zero Gallons Of Water: $92.65

Mark writes:

I recently was forced to move for work. Considering the home market, it won’t be a shock that I haven’t been able to sell my own home. I’m still paying utilities since I need them on for showing the house. The city where I used to live recently raised the rates of the minimum water bill by about $35, making my new bill for zero gallons used a whopping $92.65 (this is New Mexico remember). This is not my issue though.

Among the “improvements” that have come with the rate increase has been new and improved water bills with return envelopes. I’m attaching a picture of the bill and the envelope. Look at it closely and think of what would happen if I put the bill in the return envelope, stamp it and send it off. I’ll give you a hint, I’d waste a stamp and it’d come right back to me!

I sent an email about it last month to the “Deputy Village Manager” who assured me it would be fixed. It wasn’t.

Albuquerque, NM

We hope they aren’t planning another rate increase to compensate for the sudden spike in delinquent accounts.

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