Travel Between New York And Washington For $1 With BoltBus

BoltBus offers service between Washington D.C. and New York with fares starting at $1. Each ride comes not just with WiFi, but with power outlets at every seat—a luxury usually confined to Amtrak. The downside? (There are several.)

Only a handful of seats cost $1. Fares are capped at $20, which is still competitive with Greyhound and the Chinatown bus companies. From BoltBus’ FAQ:

Our fares will start @ $1 (plus a transaction or booking fee), with a minimum of one $1 fare available on every schedule we operate every day. The fares we charge will vary by day of week, overall passenger demand and how many days until the travel will take place. Typically someone who purchases a week or two out will receive the cheapest fares so it will save you money to plan ahead. Even our higher walkup fares will be reasonable and will allow for inexpensive spur of the moment travel.

Bus-based WiFi is nothing to cheer about. All passengers share a single measly mobile connection. We once tried posting while traveling with BoltBus rival DC2NY. It did not go well.

Finally, BoltBus is the bastard spawn of Greyhound and Peter Pan, two of the most universally reviled transportation companies. They do, however, have a loyalty program: four round-trips earns you a free one-way ticket, a $1 value!

Frequently Asked Questions [BoltBus]

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