What Should We Do With 125,000 Out Of Work Mortgage Bankers?

Today CNNMoney profiles an out of work mortgage banker who has been sending out 10 resumes a day since he was laid off in Feburary. He just got his first interview.

This week, things are are looking up. Hager, a Jersey City, N.J., resident, went on one interview for a fraud investigator job at a mortgage insurance company and another for a position underwriting employee dishonesty insurance. Executives at the latter told him they’d make a decision within 10 days.

He doesn’t know what next week will bring.

“It’s always flowed for me,” said Hager, 29, who discovered his love of math and finance in high school in Proctorville, Ohio, about three hours southeast of Columbus. “I’ve always had a job and every time I changed jobs, it was for advancement. Now, it’s like ‘What do I do with myself because I can’t wait for that next step.’ “

Hager has joined nearly 125,000 others on Wall Street and at mortgage firms and other financial companies who received pink slips since the start of 2007. It seems that nearly every week another financial firm lets go of thousands of workers at all levels. With the market flooded, it’s hard for the unemployed to land a job, experts said.

He used to work for Countrywide and now is hoping to “get his foot in the door” anywhere, even if it’s just as as a bank teller. Anyone got a job for Josh?

10 resumes a day, no takers [CNNMoney] (Thanks, Matthew!)