Peachtree Doesn't Believe You Really Wanted Off Their Mailing List

Peachtree must have a hard time keeping people on their email lists if they have to resort to this. Reader Chris writes:

I registered my Peachtree accounting software, and started receiving e-mails from them. I unsubscribed, and thought I was done. Today, a few weeks later, I received this e-mail: Please re-confirm your opt-out status…

Dear Valued Peachtree by Sage Customer:

Our records indicate that [redacted] may have been inadvertantly [sic] opted out of e-mail communications.

If you did request to be removed, please click here to re-confirm your opt-out status.

At Sage Software, we want to make sure that you have access to the latest tools and resources you need to effectively manage your business and get the most from your Peachtree software. If you would like to receive Product Updates, The Peachtree Insider eNewsletter, and email-only promotions, then no further action is required.


Pat Carson
Peachtree Customer Division

We’ve heard of double opt-in, but this the first time we’ve heard of a double opt-out mailing list.


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  1. legwork says:

    If you aren’t sure you would not like to un-remove your opt-in de-request… *Head KerSPLODE!*

  2. Mollyg says:

    There is a chance that this may violate the CAN SPAM act. The law requires companies to honor opt-out requests, even if there is a business relationship.

  3. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

    Have you EVER heard of somebody unintentionally opting out of spam??? I know cell-phone and cable companies have retention departments that you have to deal with if you cancel something with them, but this is ridiculous!

  4. NotATool says:

    Thank goodness they warned him he may had inadvertently opted out!

    You always hear about people maliciously signing up other people for spam.

    You never know when someone, in a fit of rage, might break into your accounts and maliciously opt you out of spam.

    Great that they’re keeping on top of this.

  5. madanthony says:

    It’s actually even worse than the OP makes it sound. I got this too, and not only did I have to click through the link to confirm my opt-out, but when I did the defaults were checked to opt in – you had to unclick them to remain opted out, if you clicked next without reading you would opt back in. Shady.

    The only reason I ever bought their product in the first place is because it was free after rebate and I had a coupon, so I got paid to buy it. It’s still probably in my basement somewhere.

  6. gnubian says:

    I bought Peachtree in 2002, I still get upgrade offers from them 6 years later.

  7. nightshadowon says:

    Similar thing just happened to my wife. She got a snail mail message from Omaha Steaks (which we had a business relationship with for Christmas) reminding her that we are on their internal do-not-call list (she asked to be put on it after they would call every week asking if we want to place another order).

    It basically says fill-in your phone number, sign, return in postage paid envelope, and we will call you again.

    At least they didn’t call us to remind us we were on their internal do-not-call list. :)

  8. Smd75 says:

    Is this the same as Peachtree Press? Somehow I started receiving emails from them. I didn’t sign up for them and I tried bouncing them back to make them think I didn’t exist. Then I kept clicking unsubscribe. But I keep receiving email from PTP. What the hell?