Frontier Airlines Insists Man Who Missed Flight Was On Plane

Matthew is the center of a Hitchcockian mystery over at Frontier Airlines. He missed his flight from New Mexico to Texas with a connection through Denver (there was a total of 4 segments to the flight), and when he tried to rebook the flight and pay the change fee, Frontier told him he’d already flown to Denver. So who took the flight? One of the flight crew’s friends? A woman too pretty for Southwest? A killer? There’s probably a killer roaming the streets of Denver now.
Mary at Frontier keeps promising Matthew she’ll look into it, but “after weeks and several calls,” nothing’s been fixed, and Matthew still can’t rebook the flight he already purchased.

Here’s his full story:

Recently I purchased a ticket from Farmington NM to Houston Texas on Frontier airlines (which connects through Denver for a total of 4 ‘segments’).
I did not make the flight – but when I tried to rebook the flight (and pay the change fee), the airline says I flew to Denver using 1 of the segments. I assured the booking agent that I had not flown and would know if I had done so, but after being put on hold several times for what felt like an eternity, the booking agent insisted that I had actually flown on the flight (and insinuated that I was lying). Upon my persistence, she suggested I call “customer relations” in Denver.
I did so, but now several calls to the airline have not resolved the situation.
“Mary” from Frontier Airlines “customer relations” keeps promising to get the flight logs (to see if I was actually on the plane I suppose) and get back to me – but after weeks and several calls, she never actually gets the logs (she blames this on their ‘subsdiary’) and doesn’t seem to be able to do anything to resolve the situation.
It this day of TSA and “enhanced security,” there is no reason – whatsoever – for the airlines not to know who has flown and who has not. I did not give my ticket to anyone and no one else even knew I wa flying, so I highly doubt someone pretended to me. If they would ever actually check their logs, this would be resolved.
I think they are just “waiting me out.”

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