Email Addresses For United Health Care Executives

Email addresses for reaching 5 executives at United Healthcare insurance company:

COO Stephen J. Hemsley –
Senior Vice President and Treasurer – Robert Oberrender –
CFO Patrick J. Erlandson –
Director, Investment Management – stephen p henry –


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  1. TruPhan says:

    Thanks! Hopefully I’ll never have to use any of these.

  2. FullFlava says:

    Clipped. They’re sending collectors after me over a billing mixup on their end. Depending on how regular channels work out, I may need these.

  3. levenhopper says:

    Over 30% of my claims have had to be reprocessed or appealed this year. I can’t believe it is accidental. 100% of the errors have been in their favor . . .surprise

  4. Fritz Les says:

    Lesson learned, the hard way – after losing my hearing at age 45 I was excited to think my insurance covered the cost for cochlear Implant surgery. CI was the most viable way for to regain some level of hearing and get back to taking care of my family.

    The first implant was installed in July 08 with no problems and UHC did as advertised. Imagine my shock when the second implant was denied on three appeals with the final decision being made by a plastic surgeon who issued the followed statement, “the claim is denied because it has not been medically proven that a second CI improves hearing”.

    Of course, I can’t find a single bi-lateral implant wearer that he contacted for advice. I wrote to everyone above and it must be “ghost” mailboxes as I never got a reply.

    So here I sit trying to figure out how to complete the process and continue on with my life. While a plastic surgeon with his implants confused makes a decision that has an impact through three generations of family.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I work for UHC and they treat their employees as about as bad as members. You would think working for a health insurance company my insurance would be top notch…NOT!!! It’s horrible insurance….They didn’t do raises this year because they said the economy has hurt them..bullshit..stop sending us emails at work stating how great the 1st quarter has been then..also they just took away our only source of extra money, overtime. Bunch of stingy motherfuckers. I hope to be leaving soon