Customers Will Get FiOS Optical All The Way To Their Apartments, Verizon Plans

The AP made a major correction to a Verizon FiOS story we posted about yesterday. In that story, Verizon’s head of FiOS stuff for apartments said that Verizon wouldn’t be able to run optical cable up to all the apartments in two Manhattan apartment complexes and would use coaxial for the last leg. Verizon said not all apartments have the specs needed to install a necessary wall-mounted box. After the story came out, Verizon now says that it does plan to run optical to all the way up apartments that order FiOS. You may have to give up your medicine cabinent, but hey, you’re blazing with the speed of FiOS, baby!

Correction: Verizon-FiOS Story [AP]
(Photo: Dana Spiegel)

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