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Ah, mine dear Target. How doest thou expect to increase sales and compete with thine arch enemy Hell-Mart when thou hast not in stock what thou hast advertised in thine circular?

So, Tina and I have decided to turn our sitting room into a real sitting room. You know, a comfy place to park your butt after a long day of … uh … sitting and typing … and thinking. Thinking makes you tired. Anyway, we see this in the Target circular:

Oooohhhh, pretty. And, it can also be used outdoors once we screen in the lanai and get the pool and tiki bar installed. (Oh, speaking of the tiki bar … I wrote to Pepsi and asked them if they would like to be the official sponsor of our tiki bar. In exchange, I promise not to serve Coca-Cola products. I have not yet heard back from them but I’m confident negotiations will begin soon.) Anyway, Tina and I talk about it and we decide what pieces of the wicker set we want and off to Target we go to make our purchase. I must say that the Target employee that helped us was very nice and friendly and very apologetic for what was about to happen:

So, we went home with just 4 of the 9 things we originally went there for. I’m going to the Stuart store tonight to see if they have the love seat and the coffee table. Tina is probably going to stop at the Boynton Beach or Delray Beach store on her way home tonight to see if they have the end tables and the other lamp.

With gas prices the way they are, why does Target find it necessary to force their customers to drive all over creation to multiple stores to complete the set that’s advertised in their circular? Seems kinda dumb to me.

Order your pictures on Flickr. Then, try to pick them up at Target. Then, try again. And, again…

On Friday morning, I ordered some pictures off Flickr and I chose to pick them up at the Target store in Stuart. I get there around 6pm and I’m told that the employee who works in the photo lab was out sick and nobody’s pictures were printed. Well, I’m not going to get mad although I can’t understand why that person was the only one in the store who can work the photo lab. I just shrugged it off and said I’d be back next week. Yesterday (Tuesday), I go back to the store and I’m told that the photo lab employee is on her 15 minute break. So, I hung around for a while. Eventually, I end up back at the photo lab where the employee tells me that she has no record of ever receiving an order from Flickr under my name. Ugh. Why not? I got a confirmation. So, I just left and figured I’d go home and e-mail Flickr to ask them what in the hell is going on. Later that night, I get a call from the photo lab employee who said she found my order after rebooting her computer and my pictures will be done by tomorrow. So, I’m going today. We’ll see what happens.

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