Best Buy Offers $50 Gift Cards To Those Who Purchased HD-DVD Players

Best Buy is offering $50 gift cards to people who bought HD-DVD players before Feb 23. say CNN.

The retailer said it will identify customers through its Reward Zone program, performance service plans and through online purchases and will mail out the gift cards to those individuals by May 1.

Customers that feel they won’t be identified through these measures can call the company and provide a Best Buy receipt or credit card information for proof of purchase.

Best Buy is also offering some sort of “trade-in” program starting on the 21st of this month, though if we had to guess, we’d say that your HD-DVD player is probably worth more as a nice DVD player than what Best Buy will give you….

Circuit City is currently offering a 90-day return window to anyone who bought a HD DVD player before the abrupt death of the format last month.

Those stuck with HD-DVD players getting gift cards [CNN] (Thanks, Andrew!)
(Photo:William Hook)

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