Macy's Keeps Lowering Shopper's Credit Limit Without Warning

Trey is upset. Four times in the past year, Macy’s has reduced the credit limit on his card without advance notice, even as his card membership level keeps going up. (Apparently he really likes liked to shop at Macy’s.) “I lit into them for not advising me of my credit limit decrease, especially considering just three days before I received a brand new Macy*s platinum card in the mail, where they had the perfect opportunity to let me know it was now only $800.”

In the past year, my Macy*s store account credit limit has adjusted four times without my knowledge. Each time the credit limit has dropped from $1,500 to $1,200 to $1,000 to $800. Each time the drop occurred I only found out because I was in Macy*s and the cashier rudely told me my card declined. Rather than helping me with the situation they sent me up to their ‘courtesy’ phones that are linked straight to their credit department. Each time was equally embarrassing and felt like I was being sent to the principal’s office for my due punishment. Each time I called I got the bad news.

So when I called the credit department in store today they told me my limit had be downgraded again and that they’d transfer me to the credit department (I thought I was already speaking to them) to see if I could have an increase. The man rudely advised me no I could not – not like I exactly asked considering I was simply transfered away from the original agent. So that was that, I left the store head hung low without a purchase in hand. I will not buy their merchandise without their coupons because its simply overpriced otherwise and you can only use the coupons with their stupid credit card.

Well, today I was fed up with this ever moving credit line that leads only to in store embarrassment. As I headed to the parking lot my temper boiled. I made a special trip out to the mall and spent a lot of time, that I did not have, finding the items I wanted to purchase. Having been the fourth time this happened to me was enough! As soon as I got in the car I called the credit department on my own cell phone and went into a tirade. I lit into them for not advising me of my credit limit decrease, especially considering just three days before I received a brand new Macy*s platinum card in the mail, where they had the perfect opportunity to let me know it was now only $800. The women on the other end became insta-defensive of Macy*s inane and unpublished procedures on not letting their customers know their credit limit. I said that I was sick of being embarrassed by rude customer services associates and like a well trained robot she read from her ‘Customer Service 101″ script of platitudes and fake apologies. I was then extremely angry and screamed you can be as “nice” as you think you are being, but shove it – cancel my account! I won’t be embarrassed in your store again!” She then replied off of her script again “If I issue you a 15% off shopping pass, is their anyway I can prevent you from closing your account today?” I said “No! I already have about 20 stupid coupons at home that all have about a 112 exclusions anyway – plus my card doesn’t work!” She then retorted angrily “Well the account is closed!” I then hung up.

They do not publish your credit limit on there website where you can check your account activity, nor when they issue you a new card. I know this for a fact because in the past year I got upgraded from their basic card to a gold card and then last week to a platinum card. So as I ascended their credit ladder of customer proof of purchase I was downgraded in credit limit (each upgrade corresponds with a dollar amount spent during the past year). I do not receive paper statements so I have no idea if they publish the credit limit there; I rely on my online statements as I do not like crap clogging up my mailbox.

Macy*s and I are friends off! I spent ungodly amounts of money at that store in my life especially considering what I earn per year as a student! Nothing makes me instantly pissed like a customer service person reading a script like a robot. They have no compassion for people and their problems. I have worked countless jobs in customer service from being a bagger at a grocer to one of those people on the other end of the phone in a call in center and it takes not an ounce of effort to show a person compassion for the misgivings of the company – might I add without giving the company an admitted black eye either. From the original customer associate in the store that sent me away to the courtesy phones to the three other people I spoke along the rocky road to account closure they could have easily assuaged the situation. Anything from a mere “I’m sorry about that, I’ll certainly let my supervisor know of your concerns regarding our policy on advising customers of their credit limits – can I have you contact information so we can get back to you?” Or, “You had a rude associate in the store? Do you know their name so we can address this so you or any other customer never gets embarrassed again!”

Oh well, just another bad customer service experience and another store that will lose my business. I didn’t really need the extra debt anyway!

That was going to be our advice anyway, Trey—just avoid the department store credit card altogether. Oh, and don’t bother with Macy’s crappy coupons.

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