Black & Decker Food Processor Comes With Creepy Religious Materials

Ever wonder how Jesus and American Idol are different? Reader Jessica didn’t, even after she found a religious pamphlet on the subject in a Black & Decker food processor she picked up at Walmart. She is now “totally creeped out,” and doesn’t quite know how to respond.

She writes:

Dear Consumerist,

I purchased a Black & Decker food processor from my local Walmart store. When I opened the box for the first time, I found a religious pamphlet with the other paperwork (user’s manual, etc.). The pamphlet has an “American Idol” theme. I’m not sure if it was put there by Black & Decker or a Walmart employee or customer. The box was sealed with a strip of packing tape but I noticed when I removed it that the box is so glossy that the removal of the tape left no mark on it. Here are scans of the pamphlet. I hate these things. I’ve emailed Black & Decker and Walmart. Do you have any suggestions for me, aside from the action I’ve already taken? I’m totally creeped out.


PS. Scans of the pamphlet are attached. Sorry the quality is so poor, not sure why.

Seems like the best way to get back is to take into your heart the belief that you will win American Idol. Share this belief with others.

Faith aside, if the food processor works then you can ask for an open-box discount, but not much more. If it only works for true believers, then bring it back and ask for a refund and a non-proselytizing appliance. We hear KitchenAids are fabulous and accepting.


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  1. getjustin says:

    Fundie buys food processor. Fundie opens said processor and deposits Fundie reading material with warranty information and seals box with tape gun. Fundie returns item. Jessica buys item and reports to Consumerist.

  2. scoobydoo says:

    Creeped out? I’d throw it away and get on with life.

    If this creeps you out, I’d stay away from any source of news. It’s a scary world out there. Compared to some of the things going on in the world a pamphlet with some religious propaganda is pretty tame.

    And what “other action” would you want to take? What do you want to accomplish? Do you want compensation? I’m really not sure what “other action” you can take other than throwing it out and emailing consumerist to get it off your chest.

  3. Zenne says:

    Something similar happened to me, once (in the sense of ‘surprise christianity!’) – I got an application to Office Depot and as I was looking through it, it went something like this:
    jesus saves!

    Somehow, part of a religious pamplet had gotten mixed up with the normal sheets.

  4. Canerican says:

    Big deal, I got a flyer inside of a text book that said that the ban on partial birth abortions was a threat to society. You know what I did?

    Threw it out and pretended that nothing happened.

    Seriously how can a generic flyer get you “creeped out.”

  5. UpsetPanda says:

    People walk in, put in pamphlets. It’s pretty simple. Nothing to be creeped out about. This is one melodramatic woman.

  6. Michael Belisle says:

    That is one hilarious pamphlet.

    I lean towards shopdropping as the source.

  7. Taed says:

    If she’s creeped out by that, imagine how she’d feel if there really is some supernatural being watching her every move and judging her to decided on her eventual reward… I mean Santa Claus, of course.

  8. bohemian says:

    I had someone put about five such pamphlets into an ebay item I purchased. They got negative feedback from me.

    If your really worried about it take the unit back, demand a new one from the shelf and open it in front of the returns employee to assure that one hasn’t been opened by someone. My only concern would be that someone nutty enough to put religious pamphlets in new sealed merchandise would be nutty enough to possibly tamper with it otherwise.

  9. mgy says:

    Get the Cuisinart DFP-14BCN. Even if you don’t use it, it looks so pretty on your counter.

  10. arch05 says:

    get over it

  11. coan_net says:

    If I were to guess, it was not put there by the company (they want to make money, not convert people)

    If I were to guess, it was not put there by Wal-Mart (they want to make money, not convert people)

    My guess it was done by a customer….. that is if it was just in the box.

    If it was “mixed” in with the other papers in the box, then my guess would be either it was opened by a customer (returned), or an employee at Black & Decker was having “fun”.

  12. Mr. Gunn says:

    It’s a war, see. They’re fighting a guerrilla battle for our hearts and minds, so future generations will saved from damnation.

    Laugh and move on people.

  13. SuperJdynamite says:

    Is it possible that somebody just slipped it into a crevice in the box without disturbing the tape seal?

    Anyway, people distribute literature of a religious nature all the time. I can’t say that it has ever “creeped me out”. Sometimes the people distributing said literature strike me as sketchy, but since the submitter was spared that awkward encounter then perhaps she should consider herself lucky.

  14. PinkBox says:

    Man… that pamphlet is pretty pathetic. No wonder I’m not religious.

  15. tk427 says:

    If OP is “totally creeped out” by that little pamphlet she should go to work at Country Bobs

  16. uberbucket says:

    I got a blender in my religious pamphlet.

  17. CPC24 says:

    I’m a Christian, but I even think these things are awkward and goofy. If you think this one is bad, you need to check out Chick Tracts.

  18. PeteyNice says:

    Forget the content. I’d be creeped out that an item in a sealed box I bought as new was opened and tampered with. That to me is the real issue here. Who knows what else they did to your item? Take it back.

  19. thirdbase says:

    Dear God, please protect me from your followers:

    Athiest Proverb

  20. demonradio says:

    This would have been awesome if it was a Jack Chick comic.

  21. smarty says:

    There’s your problem in the 2nd sentence…WalMart! Haven’t you been reading the Consumerist? By the way, did you run over the receipt checker?

    Total coincidence, but I just bought a Black & Decker blender at Target about 3 hours ago, and made a yummy smoothie. I walked out carrying the blender without a bag, and NO ONE ASKED TO SEE MY RECEIPT!

  22. smarty says:

    Dammit, forgot to ad, no religious stuff in the box either!

  23. morganlh85 says:

    She should send it to American Idol. That’s big time copyright and trademark infringement! I don’t think God would approve.

  24. Landru says:

    I second the sending of it to American Idol. And I think it is right to be creeped out by it. I would return the whole thing and buy it from another store.
    btw, remember the little prayer cards in the Alaska Airlines in-flight meals (and how long ago was it that they had in-flight meals, anyway)?

  25. kelrod says:

    I’m a Christian, but I think the person who planted the pamphlet should be ashamed of his/herself for being misleading and returning an “unopened” item to the store. Not the proper way to spread the faith.

  26. Hoss says:

    Simon is Satan

  27. ouphie says:

    I’d recycle the pamphlet. Put it in the food processor, add some water and ham, turn it on, pour over cheesecloth and let dry.

    You can serve the now religiously fortified ham. Fun for the whole family.

  28. @demonradio: Not so awesome when you find “Dark Dungeons” in a D&D book you bought. That happened to my brother when he was 12 or so.

    Fortunately, he and I were raised atheist, so we were well-insulated from that particular brand of craziness. Our mother was more upset than anybody.

  29. Obnoxious, yes…creepy, not so much.

  30. ecwis says:

    @kelrod: Well what difference does it make to the person returning the item whether or not it was opened? Most stores don’t charge restocking fees.

    When I open boxes, I open them to prevent the box from damaging so I can reuse the box and such. I don’t think the person is being misleading necessarily…

    Also, it’s possible that the person opened the processor, took out all the pamphlets and accidentally put it in a pamphlet that they got in the mail or something when they repackaged the item.

    Or somebody just put it in as a joke…

  31. coolkiwilivin says:

    Nice, do you call Muslims towelheads? Please, if one little tract is that disturbing to you how do you deal with life? Please, the amount of attacks on people of faith in this country is certainly far more disturbing than one bad tract. The media finds this tract more disturbing than radical muslims. Read some wahhabi muslim tracts. Once again, if you don’t like pitch it in the rubbish bin.

  32. kelrod says:

    @ecwis: I guess I should have qualified my comment. I meant that if the person who inserted the pamphlet was a customer and bought the item specifically to insert said pamphlet and then return it with the impression that it was never opened, that’s wrong. Of course, as you say, it could have been an accident or joke.

  33. magnus150 says:

    Just put it in the food processor and serve it with a side of Jesus Juice! Nah, but as a waiter a while back I had gotten more than my fair share of those frickin dollar-bill religious propaganda. Jesus won’t pay the bills people!

  34. magnus150 says:

    @Michael Bauser:
    I wish I could have gotten invited to a cult when I was playing D&D, I wanna cast real magic missiles!

  35. PDX909 says:

    Have to say the picture of Clay Aiken made me throw up in my mouth a little… but creepy?.. nah.

  36. facework says:

    The pamphlet sure was selective in choosing the remarks of rejected contestants. Most of the ones I’ve heard don’t go,”Gee, I sure tried my best.” They’re more like, “*BLEEP* THEM! THOSE *BLEEPIN’ MUTHER*BLEEPERS DON’T KNOW TALENT! I AM SO GOOD! I’LL SHOW THOSE *BLEEPERS*! I DON’T NEED ANY OF THEM! I’LL BE FAMOUS! YOU’LL SEE!”

    Not sure how Jesus would respond to that. Also wondering if this is Clay Aiken’s fallback career.

  37. elvisaintdead says:

    Wow, I’m jealous. In just a few more short weeks, all that sand up in your vag will be lovely pearls, and you can afford to shop some place other than Wally World.

    Seriously, Take a breath, willya?

  38. webwbr says:

    Probably put there by a customer.

    Quick screwing with Wal-Mart or Black & Decker looking for your “pound of flesh”.

    You looked at it, now decide if you should believe in God. If so, great; if not — move on.

  39. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    Jeez (no pun intended), do these proselytizing pious pamphleteers act like stalkers or what?

    There was this guy in high school who was so “in love” with me that he would leave messages in my stuff and on my chair when my back was turned, and I rarely even saw him. Turns out he blackmailed his stupid friends into doing much of the work on his behalf by claiming he would kill himself if they didn’t.

    That’s what this reminds me of. The creepy nonentity who has to blackmail his friends into helping him stalk people.

  40. DeleteThisAccount says:

    @mgy: funny you mention that model. I am selling the DFP-7BC [] and picking up the 14BCN later this week. That is one nice looking appliance.

  41. spinachdip says:

    In defense of the OP, most anything with Clay Aiken would be pretty creepy, so I wouldn’t take it as evangelical- or Christian-bashing.
    Plus, with most ads that come with crap you buy, you know where it’s coming from – it’s usually an affiliate or someone who paid Amazon for placement.
    Finally, it’s one thing to have a weedwacker or VoIP service sold to you, but it’s whole another for a flyer to start asking questions about your spirituality and your relationship with God and the world and shit – that stuff is deeply personal. Worst of all, it makes me want to defend American Idol! Now, that’s creepy.

    Anyway, someone in Fox Television’s legal department should be drafting a cease-and-desist letter right about now. IANAL, but I’m pretty sure the modified Idol logo isn’t fair use.

  42. less_is_best says:

    I hate religious zealots. People in my town are forever pushing pamphlets like they are crack cocaine! You hold the door for someone and they pull a pamphlet out and ask you if you know Jesus? No. Neither do you, hes been dead for a couple thousand years. When we go shopping, I help with everything, but my wife bags the groceries because apparently she feels I will crush the bread or something. One day a lady watched as my wife bagged the groceries and she walked over and told me, “Jesus and your wife would appreciate some help”. I told her, “Jesus would crush the bread, ask my wife”. Stupid Jesus freaks!

  43. less_is_best says:

    Again, just because it felt so damn good to say it, STUPID JESUS FREAKS!

  44. morganlh85 says:

    I think it’s the idea of relating American Idol to religion that is creepy. And the idea of people walking around slipping pamphlets in random products that is creepy. Not so much the pamphlet itself.

    I mean, why a BLENDER? Why not the Al Gore’s latest book or a Britney Spears CD, or something else that would likely be used by someone who desperately needs “saved”? Is there something particularly blasphemous about blender owners that the pamphlet spreader found it imperative to place one in that particular product?

  45. thelushie says:

    @coolkiwilivin: I am agnostic and I agree with you. People get way too bent out of shape about religion. One little thing, and they act like it is the end of the world.

    Throw it away.
    Take the item back.
    Get over it.
    Get a life.

  46. wring says:

    is it Non News Weekend? or are you guys drinking early?

  47. BugMeNot2 says:

    The question is…will it blend? Just think of it as bonus paper confete.


  48. BugMeNot2 says:

    The real question is, will it blend? Looking on the positive side, you got some free paper confete. Or will you go to hell for that? lawl


  49. WraithSama says:

    @Michael Bauser:

    … rofl.

    I’m a Christian who used to enjoy D&D with some of my old friends. That Dark Dungeon comic was hilarity.

  50. picshereplz says:

    Thick skin goes a long way in this crazy, crazy world!

  51. mantari says:

    The image looks more Heaven’s Gate to me.

  52. SkyeBlue says:

    It could have just been someone going through the store placing pamphlets insde boxes of merchandise, the same way you see those “Chick Tracts” placed at pay phones or left on your cars’ windshield, in books at the library or wherever. I don’t think it was really anything to get upset about.

  53. KJones says:

    Quite an unusual set of responses here. The less-religious or non-theistic people say, “Get over it”, and the religious people call the propaganda offensive.

    I’m among the right people.

  54. algormortis says:

    I’m a Christian and i’m offended and quite sorry that people feel the need to push their faith on you using…pamphlets stuffed in boxes. Pathetic.

    I, too, would take pictures and then blend it. :)

  55. morganlh85 says:

    On another note, I wonder if people would object to the OP calling it “creepy” if it were Muslim fundamentalist materials? Somehow I think things would be a little different.

  56. MyCokesBiggerThanYours says:

    I am glad there’s a good set of rational comments on this non-issue. What’s interesting is those who took the leap faith choosing Atheism seem hell bent on displaying that their belief system is the right one. I’d rather have a pamphlet in a box than a bunch of atheist zealots in my online community.

    Note the comment “I was raised Atheist.” You mean you were brainwashed by your parents to think like they do. You are not superior, you are just the same as the Scientologists.

  57. MyCokesBiggerThanYours says:

    @morganlh85: So true.

  58. Stephen Colon says:

    OP is *completely* overreacting. As a Christian, I don’t personally agree with these hidden pieces of Christianity and believe that we should try a little harder to not distance ourselves from normailty; but really, if this creeps you out, be sure to stay in a dark lonely room all of your life, cause you won’t nearly be able to handle the real world. In the real world, people do far more drastic things to get your attention. And some of those things actually *are* creepy. Not just annoying.

  59. stepho says:

    I’ve had some very traumatizing experiences with religion as a youth so, if I randomly found a tract like that, I would be freaked out by it too. I had to go to a wedding recently and even sitting in the church made me very uncomfortable. In my early 20s I had a job at a gas station and the owner gave us religious tracts as a Christmas bonus. I had to quit that job because it brought back some very unpleasant memories.

  60. Buran says:

    Jesus freaks out on the street, handing tickets out for God…

  61. Carencey says:

    heh. yes the pamphlet is creepy. no, it isn’t worth blowing a gasket over or complaining to the manufacturer or store. find something entertaining to do with it and be happy with the fact that someone clueless enough to slip religious tracts into blenders hasn’t found something even creepier to do with their time.

  62. deweydecimated says:

    I’ve had a Chick tract left in my mailbox, with an amusing tale of a little boy who dies for not believing in Jesus, when we’re the only Jewish family in the neighborhood. Creeped out? Hell yes. Called the police? Hell yes.

    Flyer in random box in random store? Annoying, but not creepy. Throw it in the recycle bin and get on with your day.

  63. bilsemon says:

    For those who keep saying “get a life”, she has a life and she’s using part of it to stop idiots from foisting their beliefs on others. Why don’t you “get a life”-ers, stop commenting on this blog and GET A LIFE!?!??!

  64. EtherealStrife says:

    All religion is creepy. Toss it out and move on.

    @MyCokesBiggerThanYours: What’s interesting is how many schizophrenics in our world are left untreated under the guise of religion. And how one religion can put down another, when they’re equal in their disconnect with reality.

  65. kenblakely says:

    “…I’m totally creeped out.” And you’re totally a loser if this so ‘creeps you out’ that you write to Consumerist about it.

    Consumerist: Surely you have interesting, important things to report about in this vast country of ours. Get a clue and stop replaying tripe like this. Jeez….

  66. Trai_Dep says:

    You know, if they had faith in their deity, they wouldn’t need to cram him down everyone else’s throat like a used car salesmen tries unloaded a lemon recovered from a flood. Sort of like the poorly-endowed guy that in the loudest voice possible, shouts across the bar what a great lay he is.

  67. MelL says:

    Am I the only one who is wondering if the item was returned and went back on the shelf unchecked or that employees can seemingly put whatever they want inside a box for an item meant for food prep freely?

  68. dantsea says:

    This is a fairly standard (but very obnoxious) tactic favored by some of the more simple-minded fundamentalists. Unless the company shrink-wraps its boxes from the stores, there’s really no way for them to stop it.

    Hopefully it means there was one less tract left as a tip for an overworked waitress on Sunday.

  69. MyCokesBiggerThanYours says:

    @Trai_Dep: What does personal faith have to do with distributing pamphlets? Thats the most retarded comment I’ve seen this weekend. Does this mean that if you had faith in yourself you would go posting comments criticizing others on the internet? Stop hating.

  70. MyCokesBiggerThanYours says:

    @EtherealStrife: “And how one religion can put down another, when they’re equal in their disconnect with reality.”

    SEE! Another atheist zealot having to say her belief system is better than the rest. Don’t you numb nuts realize these kind of comments serve the same exact purpose as the pamphlet found in the box!?

    You are having your own disconnect form reality.

  71. lukobe says:

    If I got a Chick Tract along with my manual and warranty form I’d consider it a bonus ;)

  72. christoj879 says:

    @lukobe: In Firefox, some image saying “This was your life!” covers the main banner, so it looks like it says “Chick Tracts get head!”

    Made me laugh.

  73. Nice, do you call Muslims towelheads? Please, if one little tract is that disturbing to you how do you deal with life?… This is one melodramatic woman…
    you’re totally a loser… OP is *completely* overreacting.

    Aw jeez guys…. how come everyone translates “totally creeped out” as the OP being outta control scared and pissed off? She didn’t say she wants to sue, or that she wants anything, she probably just wanted to let B&D and WalMart know what happened… they may have an employee/customer who is known for this sort of thing, and they could address it if they wanted to. Just seems a tad harsh to call the OP a “melodramatic, hater-of-Muslims, loser who can’t deal with life”

    Usually when I say I’m “totally creeped out” it’s said in a light-hearted way, if a freind is acting like a goofball, I might say, “dude you are totally creeping me out!” Sure, if I got this I would say it creeped me out… why….. well it’s creepy cuz what the fuck are they talking about? American Idol…. then it segues to Jesus…. huh? Is Black and Decker having a promo with American Idol to umm promote Jesus….. well…. hmmm…. no, that’s not likely…. oh I see, it’s just a regular old religious tract…. how odd. I’d turn to my friend and say something like “Dude, check out what came in my blender! WTF, I’m totally creeped out” and then I’d laugh and forward it to the consumerist because it’s kind of interesting…

    Personally I prefer religious materials to come right out with it… I don’t want to get all jazzed about American Idol and then have Jesus sprung on me…

    (***please note that I have never in my life actually been jazzed about American Idol, it’s just the example. )

    “SEE! Another atheist zealot having to say her belief system is better than the rest.”

    Is that because EtherealStrife said all religion is creepy? I’m a little confused – just because someone doesn’t belong to a religion doesn’t mean they are an athiest, and you don’t have to belong to an organized religion to have a personal belief system and faith in God.

  74. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    @Mr. Gunn: If it was a pamphlet calling on you to serve Satan, how would you feel?
    Oh wait, that was an Army Recruitment pamphlet.

  75. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    @MyCokesBiggerThanYours: Calling a post ‘retarded’ and then saying ‘Stop hating.’

    Thanks for the shining example.

  76. SOhp101 says:

    @scoobydoo: Annoyed? I’d stop reading these posts and get on with life.

    If this annoys you, I’d stay away from any Consumerist post. It’s an annoying world out there. Compared to some of the things going on in the world a post about someone who’s creeped out is pretty tame.

    And what “other action” would you want to take? What do you want to accomplish? Do you want compensation? I’m really not sure what “other action” you can take other than griping about it in a comment.

    Aside from that and many other comments that are more annoying than the post itself…

    I agree that it is a little unsettling that something like this would be found in a product with no religious intonations, but I don’t think the OP was looking for any particular form of compensation. Believe it or not, but some people like to let the company know just as an FYI so they can find out what went wrong. Like someone said earlier, shopdropping is probably the issue here.

  77. DevPts says:

    Take it for what it really is:
    A pamphlet attempting to admonish ‘American Idol’.

    The interpreted reference to Christian Heaven follows the author’s simile, “TV Heaven”. The comparative is solidified by explanation.

    Does it belong in a box containing a power tool, I doubt.
    Would WalMart and Black & Decker want to know it was there, likely.

    Is the interpreted Christian context such a bad thing? I wonder what the response would have been if God had been replaced with Alah. Or, if heaven and God were replaced with Loka and Brahman.

  78. bohemian says:

    How about some logic on this? By telling the Walmart she bought the item at they might know more about the issue or at least be aware of it. It could be that other people have had the same issue of pamphlets in items. Or employees have found those stuffed into various places in the store.

    I think someone would be equally creeped out if a poorly constructed rant about the wrath you will get for eating meat and some other crazy rants was put in their blender.
    Crazy combined with being in a sealed box of an item used for preparing food makes the whole picture creepy be it crazy religious nut or crazy anti-meat PeTA type nut.

    As for the OP getting annoyed by this. If you live somewhere that your frequently confronted by these over the deep end religious types it does get old fast. It might seem trivial to someone who doesn’t get weekly prostelitizing attempts, door knockers, pamphlets etc.
    If you live somewhere that has lots of these people you can eventually lose your sense of humor about having to rebuff these people or telling them to go away. Some don’t take the first no as an answer. So I could understand the person’s annoyance.

  79. ironchef says:

    any religion that resorts to pamphlets is creepy.

  80. IrisMR says:

    Annoying religious creeps. Can’t understand that we don’t care about their beliefs and they can keep them to themselves?

  81. swchurchill says:

    @MyCokesBiggerThanYours: Why does “Raised athiest” = “brainwashed” but “raised christian” = proper upbringing?

  82. stinerman says:

    I always wonder why it’s socially acceptable to try to convert people to Christianity, but not atheism.

  83. emjsea says:

    Oh, please, save the martyrdom histrionics for someone who is actually oppressed. The fact that Christians aren’t able to continually rub their superstitions in people’s faces without backlash is what is upsetting you. Boo hoo. The only time these “attacks” occur is when you are trying to force someone to participate in your superstitions or droning on and on about them when no one wants to listen.

    That said, this women is a wanna-be martyr herself for thinking a stupid pamphlet is something to get upset about.

  84. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    Aw jeez guys…. how come everyone translates “totally creeped out” as the OP being outta control scared and pissed off?

    @alphafemale: Because it makes all the “OP is overreacting” comments so deliciously ironic. For example:

    Nice, do you call Muslims towelheads? Please, if one little tract is that disturbing to you how do you deal with life?
    @coolkiwilivin: The OP finds a religious tract creepy and you decide she’s an Islamophobe. Who’s the one overreacting?

  85. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    I’d take it back a get one that hasn’t been messed with.

  86. Nighthawke says:

    The religious variation to flash mobbing perhaps? I’d suggest getting over it, check to see if there was anything missing out of the box, if so, take it back and get a better processor.

  87. blitzcat says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation: Agreed. You get an untampered unit, and the store eats it for not watching their inventory.

  88. BugMeNot2 says:

    It’s funny. When this site had an article on shopdropping a few months back, I was in the minority because I found the practice wrong, while a lot of people seemed to have the “yeah, that’s sticking it to Big Business” attitude. Yet, now that it’s not someone putting messages about the evils of corporations, but instead some juvenile proselytizing, everyone seems to think it was wrong.

  89. SkyeBlue says:

    I hate it when “The Doorknockers” or the Street Preachers come up and ask you “Well, if you died today do you know if you’d be going to Heaven?”, or my personal not favorite “Have you given your heart to Jesus?”
    My answer to their first question is usually a “No, that is for God to decide, not me.” I am sure alot of people who THINK they will be going to heaven, especially because they believe THEIR religion is the ONLY true one and everyone else is on the fast-track to Hell are probably in for a big surprise.
    I really dont’ know why those people think they have any right to just come up to someone and ask them about their religious beliefs which are such a private matter. Or especially to push their religion on someone else.
    The next time one of them comes up to me and starts I would love to embarrass THEM by asking them “Since you dont’ mind asking me such personal, private questions I am sure YOU don’t mind ME asking you personal questions about your finances or even maybe your sex life, do you?”

  90. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    @BugMeNot2: Well, dear, you just ironically pointed out the difference yourself. The shopdroppers were engaging in a cool form of performance art to make a point, and the proselytizers were engaging in the same old zombie crap that they think pleases their imaginary friend. More narrowly, the shopdropper are likelier by far to effect positive social change in the world, and the zombie morons don’t even want to be part of the world.

  91. WhirlyBird says:

    Hey, it was only Xtard propaganda this time. Next time, it might be deer urine or anthrax.

  92. ExecutorElassus says:

    Guys, c’mon, admit it: this really is kinda creepy (though of the “dude, that totally creeps me out” variety). I can imagine people would be up in arms if this were a pamphlet from PETA, the Hare Krishnas, communists, or some such.
    And yes, Chick Tracts are way creepier: a good friend of mine collects them. Not only are they super-conservative, hellfire & brimstone stuff, they’re virulently anti-Catholic (“The Virgin Mary is a pagan goddess, and Satan’s instrument!”). Great reading.

  93. IrisMR says:

    I never heard of chick tracts… what are they?

  94. smoothtom says:

    Just yesterday, I saw an anti-gay-marriage and anti-abortion religious flying sitting on a shelf near the deli at Kroger. As I waited for my order to be sliced and packaged, I calmly picked up the flier, shredded it into many pieces, made sure the title was still readable and on top of the pile, and placed the pile back on the shelf. I’m sure an employee whisked it away a couple minutes later, muttering about what assholes customers are, but it felt good, anyway.

  95. failurate says:

    Throwing unwanted shit away must be a real hassle now days.

    It’s not quite clear to me how she was inconvenienced, harmed, or otherwise hassled?

    Just the other day, something I bought came with information about Women’s Day magazine. I’m still recovering.

  96. acasto says:

    I had a proselytizing surgeon once. Sewed up a half dozen tracts where my appendix used to be. Three years later when an x-ray came back saying I was going to hell…. I was creeped out.


  97. failurate says:

    @smoothtom: Would you have torn it up if it was pro-gay marriage and pro abortion?

  98. RvLeshrac says:


    Neither. The shopdroppers are just as much mindless zealots as the religious fundamentalists.

    They’re both taking untenable, unrealistic positions.


    Yeah, at least it wasn’t one of the many, many chick tracts I find all over the place. That’s a LOT of anger toward certain groups of people, there. Of course, the religious groups defend the tracts – they’re somehow perfectly OK with demonizing homosexuals, yet manage to denounce white supremacists who use the exact same language to discuss jews, blacks, and immigrants.

    Pick one, jesus-freaks. It either *IS* OK to demonize a group of people, or it isn’t. There is no middle ground.

  99. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @BugMeNot2: If you’re talking about this: [] then I think the difference is that something was left inside the box the product came in as opposed to it having a sticker stuck to it. A sticker doesn’t imply that someone got inside the box.

  100. RvLeshrac says:


    I don’t think any of us could say what we’d do if we found a pamphlet like that, because we’ve never actually seen one.

    The gays don’t knock on my door every saturday to demand that I allow them in to discuss the virtues of sodomy.

  101. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    OK, I’m with IrisMR. What the heck are Chick Tracts?

  102. RvLeshrac says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation:

    Good point there, too. If it was a religious tract on the shelf, she likely wouldn’t care. This implies that someone had their grubby hands in your food-handling equipment.

  103. RvLeshrac says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation:


    Warning: May not be suitable for individuals with brains.

  104. Mariajl says:

    Oh come ON. This is worthy of complaint and an article?
    Can I get my name on here the next time someone puts a flyer on my windshield?

  105. freshyill says:

    @AngrySicilian: Those are some sexy names Cuisinart gives their products.

  106. smoothtom says:

    @failurate: Probably not, although I’m not a fan of leaving tracts around somebody else’s property, regardless of the message. But, since somebody started the conversation by leaving a tract, I thought I would add my own voice to the conversation by “altering” the tract. Ya know, in the interest of open communication.

  107. failurate says:

    @RvLeshrac: So every Saturday you have fanatics at your door?

    I realize you are exaggerating, but since when did people become such panzies that they can’t just tell other people (politely) to go away?

    Now most people seem to expect compensation (in blood) whenever they are presented with people and information they don’t agree with.

  108. Triborough says:

    Jessica, you violated rule number one: Never buy anything at Wal Mart!

  109. kadath217 says:

    When I worked at *national bookstore chain*, this was a regular occurrence. People would come in and slip their little cards and pamphlets into every kind of book, journal, bookends, etc. You know, it’s one thing to litter every copy of the Kama Sutra, but it’s something else entirely to put the hellfire brochures into the kids books. (It happens.)

    And don’t get me started on the people who would come in after church on Sunday and hide the Bible translations they disagreed with…

  110. girly says:

    Paper is thin and can be slid through a small gap in the box. I say planted by a customer. Either one that was putting it in boxes as evangelism or a customer that had received one from someone (perhaps outside the store) and didn’t want to bother throwing it away.

  111. ninjatales says:

    I get crap like that all the time in my mailbox. Just throw em away and let them burn their own money printing those ads.

  112. BugMeNot2 says:


    No, you just pointed out your own small-mindedness. Churchie propaganda, hippie save-the-world propaganda, it’s all unwanted and unsolicited when I’m buying an item. I don’t want nor need your (general you, not specific you, unless you are a shopdropper) viewpoint when I’m forking over my money for items.

    Also: “More narrowly, the shopdropper are likelier by far to effect positive social change in the world, and the zombie morons don’t even want to be part of the world.”

    Shows some hostility on your part. I don’t want anyone proselytizing at me, whether it be for their god, their planet, or their art. I find the type of person who does shopdropping to be just as much “zombie morons” sold on their One True Way Of Saving The World as the churchies. They both think they’re doing something for the greater good.

    @Rectilinear Propagation:

    The ones who just put stickers on items aren’t quite as bad as the ones who open stuff, since at least they aren’t touching the merchandise, but there are plenty who do open items to insert their propaganda, and they were equally cheered, as well. The only time I remember any being castigated was the time that a guy bought an ipod for his kid and got an empty package with just propaganda.

  113. boandmichele says:

    its creepy BECAUSE someone has tampered with that item. its also creepy BECAUSE yet another christian is trying to convert someone to their way of thinking, by tampering with an item in a store. how exactly is this NOT creepy?

  114. Alex Chasick says:

    A reader emailed the tipline to let us know that the CEO of Black and Decker, Nolan Archibald, is a Mormon and was the defendant in a 2005 lawsuit that accused him of making two decades’ worth of improper company contributions to the Mormon church.

    /Totally irresponsible speculation

  115. Buran says:

    @bilsemon: Hey, why don’t you quit sitting here bitching about what other people write and GET A LIFE!?!?!??!


  116. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    Now most people seem to expect compensation (in blood) whenever they are presented with people and information they don’t agree with.

    @failurate: We don’t know that the OP is looking for any compensation.

  117. Trai_Dep says:

    @MyCokesBiggerThanYours: I don’t hate faith. Respect and celebrate it, actually.
    It’s the shove-it-into-everyone’s-face part that’s annoying.
    The fact that it’s usually the people that have made a mess of their life until finding a narcotic that’s less harmful (Jabezus) is even more so. Hey, *I* didn’t make a wreck of my life until stumbling into a church: don’t assume I need what you did.

  118. Mom2Talavera says:

    These religious people leave these little pamphlets all over the place. On shelves at the grocery store and tucked between books at the library. It wasn’t the B&D company. One time I purchased a sheet set from some fundie off E-Bay. I opened my package and neatly tucked between some pillow cases and a fitted sheet were 4 religious pamphlets.Needless to say she got neutral feedback because of that.

  119. Why is this on here?

    This is the same weirdness as those little books they leave laying around at ATMs and Pay Phones.

    This is not a consumer issue — it’s a crazy people issue.

  120. ELC says:

    “creeped out” – get a grip woman. There’s nothing creepy about the information. Obviously someone stuck it in there; it’s not a part of B&D’s normal packaging.

  121. Nytmare says:

    My religious tract experience came when I was selling a house from my Dad’s estate. On the final check-through before heading out the door for the last time I found one of those pamphlets sitting by the stairs, in what should have been an empty house. Like this story, I had no idea how it got there inside my own premises. I guess the surreptitious behavior is what makes it genuinely creepy.

  122. guspaz says:

    I’d be annoyed that I was being preached to when purchasing the product. But I’d be a lot more pissed off that it means the store had foisted off a refurbished/returned/opened item on me for full price. I’d return and demand a partial refund for having received an obviously “used” item.

  123. justdan says:

    Sounds like an employee slipped it in.

  124. Fidel on the Roof says:

    I wonder how many of these claims are BS. It makes it harder on those who actually have weird stuff happen to them.

  125. ricksparks says:

    I was in a CompUSA in Anchorage Alaska some years back browsing the PC games and saw what looked like a folded twenty-dollar bill in the middle of a display shelf. I actually exclaimed, “Asshole!” rather loudly when it turned out to be a tiny pamphlet proclaiming the “Lawrd” as the only true path to (presumably spiritual) fortune.

  126. czetie says:

    I found the same thing in a waffle maker.

    I was totally creped out.

  127. drjayphd says:

    @speedwell: What sweet, sweet ironyahol… we just had this discussion two and a half months ago:


  128. morsteen says:

    it’s a scary and annoying world out there, so don’t you dare have any opinion on things you come in contact with! get on with life and don’t open your eyes or listen to anything because if you don’t like it and actually speak up and say it creeps you out then you are an overreacting retard! WTF guys really? I hate religious propaganda and get creeped out anytime I come in contact with overzealous religious people and/or material. Why don’t you get on with life and not post comments lol.

  129. mammalpants says:

    if youd just find jesus, you wouldnt be disturbed by His great presence in your low-end appliances.

    perhaps the real issue here is, “Jessica, why does Jesus creep you out? Have you left your faith in the food processor?”

    Wow. I should really write this shit for a living! Amen!

  130. 22rifle says:

    I am a “fundy” by many people’s use of the word. I consider homosexuality to be a sin.

    At the same time, I do not at all appreciate this tract. It is completely contrary to the teachings of Christ.

    Having said that, “Jessica” needs to grow up. Her childish, immature whining really, really annoys me. Get over it “Jessica”. Actually, make that… Get over yourself “Jessica”.

  131. 22rifle says:

    @bohemian: That seems like a bit of an over reaction doesn’t it? A neg because they sent along a piece of paper you didn’t like?

  132. hossfly says:

    Here’s the Real Deal……….
    Many moons ago, i was a night/stock-crew manager at a grocery store and we would find these things hanging out of the top of cake mixes/hamburger helper,etc.
    These are, what i’ve been told are religion “tracks” that certain denominations use.
    The seal on the product is not broken as this is not their intention, but, rather to “get-the-word-out” to the non-believers as i took it.
    We also used to find them on the counters in the restrooms as well.
    No harm intended, they just wanted to “spread the word” of what they believed in….though probably WAYYY to much, in my opinion.
    Got a lot of pissed-off customers bringing stuff back because of it; guessed they saw things different!!
    By the way, this was 20 years ago!!

  133. drjayphd says:

    @22rifle: Because they sent along multiple pieces of paper, printed with a very specific and not generally desired message, specifically for a purpose that (at best) presumably annoyed (and more than likely offended) the buyer, and which also presumably had absolutely nothing to do with the item?

    I’d covered a lacrosse game about a year or two ago, where one of the home team’s (I’m guessing) boosters asked me a few questions about the visitors, and in the process, handed me a pamphlet. Yup, a bunch of lacrosse players attesting to their specific faith. As soon as I saw it (after I got away from the guy, who was bothering me because I was trying to do my job, not because of the pamphlet) I tossed it. But guess what, I’m not there to be saved, I’m there to write about two high school teams.

    These pamphlets are advertising a product that’s gotten a very bad reputation in a lot of eyes because of a few vocal idiots, and, let’s face it, one’s faith is considerably different from your favorite brand of food processor. Generally, you’ve made up your mind on your beliefs, and if you’re not actually looking to be swayed, you’re not going to appreciate it.

  134. 22rifle says:

    @drjayphd: Guarantee, if it had been a pamphlet explaining how evolution was correct and creationism was from the Dark Ages you would not have left a neg. Don’t bother denying it. You would be the one in a million if your denial was true.

    Buyers like you disgust me.

    Almost as much as sellers who put religious propaganda in the packages they send out.

  135. drjayphd says:

    @22rifle: Find me a pro-evolution pamphlet that’s designed and distributed like these. Secondly, no, it wouldn’t bother me as much because I’d agree with it. If this is all about the message… well, that’s exactly it. Messages you don’t agree with being stuck, without your consent, in items you’re buying on eBay. If you were in Jessica’s position, buying the food processor, would you care about the flyer? What if it was a pro-evolution, pro-gay marriage flyer? Would that bother you any more?

    Also, how did I become the buyer again? Take that up with @bohemian.

  136. 22rifle says:

    @drjayphd: oh, did I have you mixed up with someone else on the eBay thing? sorry man.

    no, that flyer would not bother me any more than one I agreed with. because I would just shrug and toss either one with slight disgust.

    thanks for being honest that you are a hypocrite. that is refreshing and I respect you for it.

  137. Yeah, it would creep me out too. I won an eBay auction recently that included a note that read “Jesus Loves You!” and that creeped me out too. But I just tossed the note, left positive feedback and enjoyed my item.

    And yeah, I’m an athiest too. Raised Catholic. Whee.

  138. 22rifle says:

    @edicius: seriously? you were actually CREEPED out by a piece of paper that expressed a belief system that you disagree with?

    what is up with all these fragile psyches?

    it boggles my mind.

  139. grebby says:

    Jesus saves….by shopping at Wal-Mart!

  140. drjayphd says:

    @22rifle: Eh, my original comment was more of “yeah, I could see how this would be annoying”. I wouldn’t leave negative feedback either, honestly. Thought the debate was about being bothered at all, not bothered enough to leave the -1.

  141. Kendra says:

    There is enough space between the box flaps to squeeze a paper through.

    Just fold the paper and use a paper creaser.

    Flat paper. *slip* In the box.

    Lesson learned.

  142. christlogos says: