Want To Trade Sex For Pills? Head Over To CVS!

A former CVS pharmacist has been busted for attempting to trade sex for pills says the Baltimore Sun.

Ramon Bautista Juta, 54, of the first block of Trumpet Court in Perry Hall was charged with two counts of possession of narcotics with the intent to distribute, possession and distribution of a controlled dangerous substance, forgery of prescriptions and prostitution, police said. Juta had worked at the CVS in the first block of Compass Road in Middle River, police said.

According to authorities, a woman told them that Juta had asked her to provide sexual favors in exchange for prescription pills she used. Police said the medications included Lortab and Xanax.

Ouch. We actually feel really bad for CVS and their PR people. You know this has to be their worst nightmare. Hey, cheer up. At least this creep is just a pharmacist in Baltimore and not, for example, a former attorney general of the state of NY. People will have forgotten about it by Monday.

Pharmacist accused in sex scheme [Baltimore Sun] (Thanks, Eric!)


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  1. I’m guessing the health insurance companies, realizing that patient sex doesn’t cost them anything, will support this idea.

  2. cmdr.sass says:

    Queue “patients are already getting screwed” comments in 3..2..1

  3. B says:

    Ironically, this is an improvement over the kind of service I’ve come to expect from CVS.

  4. Tank says:

    Wow, all this time I’ve been paying cash.

  5. Patients are getting screwed.

  6. tombo says:

    Is Walgreens gonna match that like they do price matching? Sex for meds. The answer to the healthcare crisis in America.

  7. No one will want to be within 25 feet of you if you don’t have sex with me.

  8. tombo says:

    Is Walgreens gonna match that like they do price matching for other things? It’s the answer to expensive health care costs in America.

  9. stageright says:

    Damn. The pharmacist at my CVS is smokin’ hot – I was hoping this was a new offer available at ALL CVS stores.

    Guess I’ll just keep taking my meds as directed rather than taking thing back to trade in :(

  10. Hambriq says:


    Informant: I can still pay you money for it.

    Juta: I’ll take care of the numbers side.

    Informant: OK

    Juta: I’ll take care of you. You take care of me. We have to get a hotel so we can stay longer. We should go to my place.

    Informant: That’s why I was saying I want to get to know you just a little bit, because I’m very, very nervous.

    Juta: You don’t have to be nervous.

    He later asked, “Can I kiss you?”

    You stay classy, CVS. First, the fake pharmacist, now this.

    I think this basically underscores one of the growing problems that we are facing: the distinct lack of medical professionals in the face of demand.

  11. rawsteak says:

    you guys are so mean. obviously there was a sale on trojans and this guy was thinking of creative ways to advertise it.

    “free pack of condoms with your pills, ma’am. Ask me to show you how to use them for an extra 30-day supply of Xanax. Only at CVS.”

    see? honest mistake!

  12. “Thanks for the sex, baby, now what prescription drug did you want for that?”

    “Um. I don’t know. What’s good for herpes?”

  13. Cerb says:

    You mean this isn’t how people normally pay for their prescription meds? Well don’t I feel foolish now!

  14. christoj879 says:

    All it takes is Xanax to get laid? Excuse me, I just made plans for this weekend.

  15. polyeaster says:

    Love it when my city gets in the news- good ole Bmore;) To be fair, that guy looks fug disgusting, and any woman who actually traded sex with him for pills was probably already illegally obtaining them…who without a serious drug habit would go near HIM? Those girls/women will just go to one of the many seedy strip joints in the area and get their pills there…or perform the same favors for money.

  16. KJones says:

    Even money says Juta is one of those creeps who refuses to sell the “Morning After” pill to women, including rape victims.

    And justifies not selling it “on principle”.

  17. anonymouscoworker says:

    @polyeaster: I second that sentiment of our fair city. I love this town.

  18. chartrule says:


    CVS will probably try to PR this into a free extra service that you don’t get at other pharmacies

  19. MYarms says:

    With the high costs of prescription medication, this guy is an entrepreneur.

  20. polyeaster says:

    Someone should actually suggest that the cops go over to the strips and find the other “victims” of this scam…but then of course the new scandal will have something to do with the cops acting inappropraitely with the hookers…er…exotic dancers.

  21. Brie says:

    @polyeaster: Are you fulfilling the blame-the-consumer quota with your post?

  22. @polyeaster: That’s only if they send a governor.

  23. polyeaster says:

    No, I’m not blaming the consumer per se, but I live in Baltimore, and I have had personal experience with pill addicts (tossed one out of my house…). Let’s be real- addicts often end up getting taken advantage of (as strippers, prostitutes, etc), and it doesn’t make it right, but they’re addicts, and they often get to the place where they will go seek out such situations because they have no other options for obtaining their drugs. I tossed my old roommate out because I discovered she had a serious problem, she lost her jobs (one at a pharmacy for writing fake prescriptions), her money, refused to admit she was doing drugs even when I caught her in the act. At the time I threw her out, she had become dirty, underweight, and was stripping, hooking, etc, to get her Oxy and coke. There are alot of people just like her in Baltimore just waiting for a pharmacy to make them such an offer.

    No reasonable person who’s not an addict would take that shady a$$ pharmacist up on an offer of pills for sex- they’d call the cops, just like the informant did.

  24. matto says:

    An order of magnitude easier than dealing with Blue Cross, who will fuck you in the ass and still not cover your medication. I’d say he deserves a medal.

  25. Jordan Lund says:

    Technically he wasn’t trading sex for pills… He had the pills…

    He was trying to trade pills for sex.

    See the difference?

  26. BugMeNot2 says:

    Wait. Isn’t that Booger from the Latino remake of “Revenge of the Nerds”?

  27. The sad part is he resorted to this {snicker} unneccesarily. that guy looks like {trying really not to laugh} he could get plenty of women without-{loses it, cracks up}

    Classy ones, too.

  28. wring says:

    @tombo: i loled

  29. psyop63b says:

    That’s why we call it “Charm City,” don’t we?

  30. Veeber says:

    @psyop63b: We’re also “The City that Reads”

  31. Snakeophelia says:

    Hey, I’m not only satisfied with the service I get at my CVS (in the Philly burbs), but two of the male pharmacists there are really cute. Too bad they haven’t offered me sex for pills. Then again, my prescrips aren’t all that interesting – I doubt there’s anyone out there willing to trade sex for Advair.

  32. riverstyxxx says:

    Were they viagra pills he was trading for?
    What an asshole.

  33. CornwallBlank says:

    Sing along with Bruce:

    “Got a C V S in Baltimore, Jack,
    I traded pills for a lay
    Now I can’t go back”

    This story could only be better if it were set in Dundalk instead of Perry Hall. (Dundalk, for non-regionals, is the traditional butt of every joke. See for instance, the record “Blues Skies Over Dundalk” by Mary Prankster.)

  34. UpsetPanda says:

    @polyeaster: I agree, actually. I read this yesterday off another website and it occurred to me that no logical and reasonable person would actually agree to this…generally, it has to be someone who a) presented fake prescriptions or b) had no money to pay for the drugs.

    It says Juta is facing charges of forging prescriptions…I bet he did it to supply drugs to women who couldn’t get them the legal way.

  35. @Snakeophelia: Well that’s how you get the interesting Rx’s!

  36. polyeaster says:

    It’s a shame, too, b/c there are plenty of dirty physicians in Baltimore who’d be willing to write the prescriptions for those drugs…