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MyFico Is The Best

MyFico Is The Best

After I got fed up with Free Credit I went looking for a way to monitor my credit score. I found MyFico. I signed up for the free report and noted that after 30 days it would become a paid service at $89 a year. I figured I would cancel if it didn’t work out.

It has been one pleasant surprise after another. First, they do actually track your credit score and send you emails when it changes. Second, when an account balance changes you are notified. Third, if some one tries to steal your identity and change your address you are notified.

I was most impressed with the way they do business. As the end of my free month neared I received not one but three emails telling me the free period was ending and I would be charged $89 according to the agreement on this date.

I guess I had gotten used to all the companies out there that have simular promos but when time comes for the account to become a paid account say nothing and hope you have forgotten about it.~~~~