Walgreens:"No One Will Want To Be Within 25ft Of You" If You Don't Take Your Depression Meds

Reader Beth writes in to share her mom’s recent experience with a Walgreen’s pharmacist:

Last week my mom told me about the unfortunate experience she had at Walgreen’s. She had recently switched to a new antidepressant and when she came down with a cold was concerned about taking OTC cold medicine with it.

She went to the pharmacy counter and asked the pharmacist (at least she assumed it was the pharmacist, they were wearing the lab coat) if it was safe to take cold medicine with the Effexor. The pharmacist replied that they didn’t know. Not exactly a helpful answer, but I am sure there was a valid reason they couldn’t answer the question. What happened next was disturbing. My mom then asked if it would be ok to skip her Effexor for a day, so she could take the cold medicine without worrying. The pharmacist responded that “If you don’t take that Effexor no one will want to be within 25 ft of you.”

Now my mom isn’t ashamed of her depression, can laugh about it and is comfortable talking about. But this made her extremely embarrassed and uncomfortable about using the pharmacy. My mom is not dangerously depressed, but this pharmacist should have known better than to say this to a depressed person. You never know how unstable a person is. My mom chose not to complain, but I thought this was an example of how one employee can really alienate a customer.



That pharmacist was an unprofessional jerk! We want to hang out with your Mom no matter what. Give her a big hug from the Consumerist.


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