Top Posts Of The Week

Do Coat Hangers Sound As Good Monster Cables?
“Seven different songs were played, each time heard with the speaker hooked up to Monster Cables, and the other time, hooked up to coat hanger wire. Nobody could determine which was the Monster Cable and which was the coat hanger.”

tinysensior.jpgStaples Tries To Charge Senior Citizen $390 For Basic Computer Repair
“Reader Michael watched incredulously as a Staples tech tried to convince a senior citizen that his computer wouldn’t work properly without repairs costing almost $400.”

tinyinvisiblebike.jpgComplaint Remover Gets Rid Of “Negative Links,” Including LOLCats
“CLIENT: So you like make new internets and push the bad internets down
Kelly: yes”

tinywash.jpgCrest Pro-Health Mouthwash: “I Woke Up With Brown Spots On My Teeth”
“Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash turned my teeth brown! And on top of that, I can’t taste anything!”

tinywalmarts.jpgDetained And Harassed At Walmart For Not Showing A Receipt
“Appalled that the Wal-mart employee had just touched me, I said “excuse me”, but Bob refused to budge, demanding again to see my receipt. I attempted to walk around him, but he kept stepping in front of me, and I would bounce off of him.”

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