Dear HP: It Has Been Three Months Since I Last Saw My Laptop

For three months, HP has promised to return reader N’s laptop within the next ten days. N sent his HP Pavillion for repairs in December after his screen became a blurry mess incapable of displaying anything as basic as say, oh, a tracking page. HP insists that they fixed the laptop, but they won’t ship it back to N. Conveniently, the one-year warranty expired last month.

N posted a blurry video of the blurry screen:
He writes:

I’m just like Lorraine… I also want my laptop back an HP Pavillion, I have not received it since December 2007. The problem with my laptop is that it wont start if u press the power button and the screen one time gets blurry… I even posted a video on youtube about my screen which u guys can view it here.

HP service staff keeps on telling me that I’ll be recieving my laptop for the next ten days now its been almost 3 MONTHS… I need help dunno really what to do by the way my notebooks 1 year warranty just expired this month of February 2008.

Call (650) 857-1501 and ask for Mark Hurd’s office. Tell him to break out a torch and pack up his hunting gear: the mysterious disappearing laptop is on the prowl once again.

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(Photo: Carla216)