The Treasury Secretary Hates The Penny. Do You?

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson hates the penny because it is a worthless dingleberry of a coin. In an interview sure to have kids thinking they know enough to run the Mint, Paulson simplistically noted: “The penny is worth less than any other currency.” Don’t sing the penny’s swan song just yet.

…he quickly added that he didn’t think it was “politically doable” to eliminate the one-cent coin and it wasn’t something he planned to tackle in the final year of the Bush administration.

Great, add the penny to the slate of issues over which the parties disagree. Put it right next to war spending and social security.

Is the penny the most useless coin ever, or an indispensable cog in our $.99 economy? Vote in our poll, after the jump.

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Treasury Secretary Wants to Dump Pennies [AP]
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