Sprint Unveils National Unilimited Everything Plan

Starting tomorrow, Sprint will offer an unlimited everything plan for $100. That’s unlimited unlimited voice, data, text, e-mail, Web-surfing, TV, music, GPS navigation, Direct Connect and Group Connect. The move comes after all the other carriers announced unlimited voice plans for $100, which itself was a reaction to Sprint’s limited deployment of an unlimited plan for $100. What comes next? We’re guessing family plan deals that are better than simply $200 for two lines, $300 for three lines, etc, and perhaps even price drops.


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  1. PinkBox says:

    I guess I’ll have to wait to see what kind of family plans they’ll offer with the same kind of benefits.

    Right now I pay around $130 for two phones, one having the blackberry data plan.

  2. trujunglist says:

    I looked up a family plan (shared minutes) vs 2 regular plans for Verizon, and noticed that there really is no benefit to having shared minutes, and it even cost more with my employer discount with Verizon. Guess which one I went for?
    Hopefully this move by Sprint means more competition across the board. I pay about $36/month, and could definitely use any more of that in my pocket.

  3. normsy says:

    unilimited: the state of only having one limit.

  4. vatica40 says:

    I think I saw on Engadget that the price for additional lines would be five bucks less for each increasing line (95 for second, 90 for third…). This may not be stone, and I/they could be mistaken, but yeah. It’s a basis of what to go on.

  5. ClayS says:

    Oh no, capitalism works.

  6. m4ximusprim3 says:

    I want to know if this includes wireless internet cards. If it does, sign me the fuck up. I’ll cancel my crappy dsl service and enjoy my extra cash.

    And hope I never, ever have to call customer service.

  7. delrey says:

    The Direct Connect and Talk Group are for the Nextel walkie talkie.

  8. shadow735 says:

    So I take it that means unlimited bad customer service?

  9. After all the taxes they levy on wireless service, a real-world bill is probably closer to $130 per month than $100.

  10. ribex says:

    From FatWallet.com, posted 2/24/2008:
    $95 per month for 2 lines of sprint service, which includes unlimited voice, internet and text. $20 per each additional line.

    The plan CODE is – FC2396

    It appears you have to be on their “New Billing System” in order to get this deal.


  11. howie_in_az says:

    Awaiting inevitable “but they said it was unlimited” threads detailing how there is, in fact, a limit.

  12. parad0x360 says:

    $100 is still too expensive. There is no way one person using voice runs up even $50 of expense to the company. $40 a month for Unlimited is where we need to be.

  13. bohemian says:

    I will sit this one out for now. Verizon is already trying to entice us into buying new phones to get us locked in. When it gets down to $100 or less for two phones totally unlimited and they start giving away treos with a two year contract then they might get me to sign a new contract.

  14. Steve Trachsel, Ace says:

    I had CellularOne for a work phone a couple years back unlimited. It was only $50 (voice only) but if more then 40% of your minutes were off network they would cancel your plan. That was a problem since they had a really tiny network locally. When they got bought out I heard Cingular/ATT honored it on the new network for the same price.

  15. Sam2k says:

    @parad0x360: My understanding is that cell phone providers lose money on their average voice-only customers and that’s on non-unlimited plans. They make money on data.

  16. nuton2wheels says:

    @parad0x360: agreed

    I have a friend in Norway (whose cost of living is about 2x ours) – she gets unlimited text and voice for around $36 USD a month! I didn’t ask about data. However, that’s what you get when the market is standardized from the start… devoted evolution of an accepted technology (GSM) and more consumer benefits.

  17. psyop63b says:

    @Ben: “We’re guessing family plan deals that are better than simply $200 for two lines, $300 for three lines, etc, and perhaps even price drops.”

    Not the case with Verizon Wireless. Their site states unlimited family plans start at $199 for the first 2 lines, $299 for 3 lines and $399 for 4 lines.

  18. UpsetPanda says:

    $100 unlimited is great – until you want a second person to join on the fun and it’s $200! Why would I pay what amounts to the same plan twice, under the guise of one plan? I’ll stick to my “unhip” $95 a month 700 minutes plan for both of us.

  19. rjhiggins says:

    @parad0x360: You DO understand that we’re not just talking voice and text messaging here: It’s unlimited everything, including the web, music, GPS, etc. You expect all that for $40 a month? Not any time soon.

  20. Brie says:

    MisterTheExit and I pay $80 a month for:

    – two lines that share 400 minutes
    – text messaging, data plan, and picture mail for me

    No music, no GPS, and we have no friends – that we call anyway. Mostly we call each other, and don’t come close to using 400 minutes a month with that which is why we dip into it for ordering takeout and such.

  21. rolla says:

    now if they could only do something about their crappy phone lineup

  22. allstarecho says:

    So Sprint’s is unlimited voice, data, text, e-mail, Web-surfing, TV, music, GPS navigation for $99.

    Verizon’s unlimited voice, data, text, e-mail, Web-surfing, (no TV), (no music), GPS navigation is $139.

    Umm, can you hear Sprint NOW, Verizon?

  23. missdona says:

    The press release says “For families, Simply Everything includes an incremental $5 discount for each incremental line, up to five lines on the same bill. For example, two lines would amount to $194.98 ($99.99 + $94.99); a third line would cost an additional $89.99.”

    And Ben, it still says “unIlimited”

  24. kalmakazee says:

    I have to admit that I happen to LOVE Sprint!

    If you call up the retention department and threaten to cancel, Sprint will give you whatever you want.

    It is true that Sprint’s customer service sucks!!

    The first time you sign up with Sprint and anytime you renew your contract the first 3 month of doing so expect the hell of your life. Sprint can never get the bill right and you will be sooooo overcharged on your Sprint bill the first 3 months of signing up/renewing your contract. I have been a Sprint customer for close to 4 years and their customer service department sucks BIG time. In my opinion don’t waste time calling for regular customer service. Right away call either the retention department and if that doesn’t work then call the Sprint Consumerist Hotline. You are wasting your time with any other department that Sprint has.

    My trick to knowing if you got a friendly Sprint Customer Service Rep or not is as soon as you get a rep (don’t give the rep your info yet) start off by saying something funny and if the rep laughs usually they will be more than kind to help you out. If the rep doesn’t laugh then just call back and try again.

    If you feel you are overchharged and want a better plan and the rep won’t give you a better plan then have no fear, just keep calling back Sprint again. There is always that rare nice rep at Sprint who will turn you into a satisfied customer. You just have to go through most of the bad apples to find that good apple. Call back Sprint a million times and remember start off by making a joke thats how I am usually able to save time instead of telling a new rep all over again what my Sprint problems are just to waste time by realizing the Sprint rep was an asshole!

    Just dial into the standard Sprint customer service line. When the voice activated system answers the phone, just say the word “cancellation”. That will get you there.

    Sprint’s Consumerist Hotline number is 7034334401

    http://www.sprintusers.com is a GREAT website to go to if you are having problems with Sprint. Other Sprint customers will be GLAD to help you on that website!

    I hope that this info may help out other frustrated customers. :-)

  25. AnonyLawyer says:

    I was going to say…I love TMobile. I’ve been a customer of theirs since 2001 and they kiss my ass everytime I call with an issue, which isn’t often. My plan suits my needs and I’ve never dealt with any of the Cingular/ATT/Verizon/Sprint customer service horror stories I’ve read on this board. I have sworn off a few companies like Linens ‘n Things and Home Depot, but TMobile is in my life to stay. Thank you, Catherine Zeta Jones~

  26. missdona says:

    @kalmakazee: I love Sprint too. I don’t even mind their shitty customer service.

    My $30.00 Sero plan (w/ 500 minutes, texts, data) is the best thing ever. In the past year that I’ve been with them, they’ve given me a 15% “loyalty discount,” $210 in renewal credit (I didn’t pay a bill for like, 6 months), $150 in rebates and (when I complained about my minutes not updating) a extra 500 minutes a month (that has re-occurred for 3 months now).

    Sprint’s the best.

  27. I think the move is wait and see. I’m not going to Sprint under any circumstance unless I go to work for Sprint (stranger things have happened… I work for Unca Sam) or my employer forces me to. Clearly, the market and number portability and 3G and quad band phones are making cell service more of a commodity, and when things are commodified, prices drop across the board, not just at the Ric Flair of the industry

    Ric Flair, for those who don’t know wrestling, is always referred to as “The Dirtiest Player in the Game”.

  28. l951b951 says:

    @normsy: Still unilimited; good eye.

  29. quagmire0 says:

    Am I the only person in the world that is perfectly content with a 400 minute $39 family plan? :D

  30. MrEvil says:

    After speaking with a Sprint rep last night over a snafu in my bill concerning the activation of my new data card…The $99 is for the family plan with each additional line costing $10/mo. An Individual plan is $89. Couple that with the discount I get through my employer I pay $77 and change for the unlimited everything plan (data card seperate).

    If your company has an arrangement with Sprint and you get a discount, you might want to take advantage of that. That’s the cheapest plan out there. Screw My Circle.

  31. MrEvil says:

    @quagmire0: You don’t use your phone for business use. I use upwards of 1500 minutes a month. My Sprint cell is strictly for business use and is required by the companies I subcontract for. Unlimited minutes is a godsend to me.

  32. MartyF81 says:

    I di d this today… They also have smaller minute plans…. I went with the “Everything 450”. 450 Anytime Mins. Unlimited Nights and Weekends. Unlimited Text. Unlimited Blackberry $69.99 a month. Same package before this was $99.99 a month….

    At first it wasnt in there system and they said they were going to have to call me back because they had no idea such a plan was available. Apparently Sprint didnt tell their employees about this new promotion.

    I of course expected no call back. But sure enough I did get one and they tok care of it easy. They also offered me a credit on my next bill because of the hassle with of them not being prepared.

    Wasn’t expecting good service from Sprint considering their history…. but I was pleasantly surprised this time!

  33. kalmakazee says:


    What you wrote is exactly the reason why I LOVE Sprint soooo much!! What other company gives you as many discounts as Sprint? :)

  34. eeg1977 says:

    I just called about this offer from Sprint. My 15% employee discount is NOT applicable for this rate plan. Just a heads up!

  35. racqueteer says:

    For those who don’t find the $100 unlimited plan a good deal, note that other new plans are available with limited minutes.

    For $50, you can get 450 minutes and unlimited text/pic/video messaging, with free roaming.
    For $70, you get 900 minutes and unlimited text/pic/video.