Zubaz Pants Are Back In All Their Zebra Striped Glory

Attention: If you’re one of those guys who still wears Zubaz, I have some good news for you. The company has decided to reform and is producing a limited line of the infamous pants. Finally, you can get some new ones.

Yes, Camaro-driving guy I saw at a gas station in Rockford, IL, I’m talking to you.



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  1. missdona says:

    Oh.. no-no. That’s a no-no…

  2. homerjay says:

    That oughta make the ladies swoon….

  3. GenXCub says:

    Cool beans, yo. I thought my years of douchebaggery were over, but watch out, bra… I’m totally on the comeback.

  4. clevershark says:

    People actually buy that stuff? With money?

  5. emjsea says:

    It’s always good when the douchebags mark themselves so you can tell from a distance.

  6. 12-Inch Idongivafuck Sandwich says:

    Ohhhh man…I’m so buying some of these, and turning them into cutoffs for Spring Break…it should bring the ladies by the masses!!

  7. KyleOrton says:

    Heck yes. These are hella comfortable and great for embarrassing the wife at football games, farmers markets and church.

  8. AstroPig7 says:

    Ladies love the zebra.

  9. BloggyMcBlogBlog says:

    Packers fans and Rockford residents? Yep, that pretty much sums up the Zubaz demographics.

  10. homerjay says:

    @KyleOrton: CHURCH! LOL!

  11. internal says:

    OK, I will admit to actually owning a pair of these back in the day. I wore them twice and then figured out how stupid looking they were.

    Anyone have some acid washed jeans I can borrow?

  12. coreyk72 says:

    Carl on Aqua Teen Hunger Force will be psyched about this news

  13. frankadelic says:

    My landlord’s going to flip out. At least I know what to get him for Xmas this year!

  14. JStrulleh says:

    But there are hot girls on the Zubaz site wearing those pants! They gots to be legit!

  15. Pfluffy says:

    $30.00 to look like 1992 Joey Buttafucco. Fabulous!

  16. Whitey Fisk says:

    Time to bring back the mullet!

  17. mopar_man says:


    I laughed at the farmer’s market but I couldn’t contain the tears for church. Too funny.

  18. yesteryear says:

    ugh. i can see the raider fans now… dressed as viking warlords in silver face paint from the waist up — zoobz down below. PUKE!

  19. mopar_man says:

    A quote from the “About” page:

    These pants are the same pants that were worn by pro athletes, rock stars, kings and queens, and anybody who Dared to be Different.

  20. topgun says:

    Ah… bad fashion never goes out of style.
    Any hope for a Leisure Suit comeback?

  21. rmz says:

    I’m going to buy a few pairs now, just to hold onto them in anticipation of next Christmas’s Secret Santa gift exchange.

  22. adrock75 says:

    Gotta wear ’em right up under the belly button.

  23. brendanm14 says:

    i would definitely buy them if the came with licensed NFL team colors.

  24. Call me when they start making Skidz again…

  25. Underpants Gnome says:

    @KyleOrton: I just love that this comment came from a guy named Kyle Orton. Long live the neckbeard!

  26. m4ximusprim3 says:

    @mopar_man: “These pants are the same pants that were worn by pro athletes, rock stars, kings and queens, and anybody who Dared to be Different*.”

    *different in this case meaning ‘Massively Retarded’.

  27. clevershark says:

    @mopar_man: Kings and queens? maybe in a “prom” context…

  28. stephenjames716 says:


  29. BelBivDevolkswagen says:

    I don’t know if these pants ever went OUT of style in Buffalo…

  30. Maulleigh says:

    I knew a weight lifter in 1992 who wore those. That’s the only time I ever saw anyone wear them.

  31. FLConsumer says:

    How come this isn’t on Jezzie? Probably because no one over there would own a pair of these nor would they even consider dating someone with a pair of these. Guy in the redneck Corvette (Camaro) please take notice.

  32. CrazyRedd says:

    There is nothing royal about that blue.

  33. DXDawg says:

    @12-Inch Idongivafuck Sandwich:

    Hmmm… a Gator fan in cutoffs… Your stereotype is showing, sir.

    Just kidding with you. We appreciate you letting us that one last year.

  34. DXDawg says:


    Dammit. “WIN that one last year.”

  35. crapple says:

    wow….heavenly. I remember when I was 10 and kids were wearing these and thinking they were awful. Now I’m 27, have used it as a running joke for at least the past half-decade when describing a douche or a redneck…I may just have to buy some to have for reference one day.

    I just need to add some of these flip-flops with socks:

    Add-in a fanny pack, a members only jacket, and a monocle and I’ll be all set.

  36. SpenceMan01 says:

    I’ll take a pair… and throw in a Hypercolor shirt for good measure.

  37. chai_tea says:

    @crapple: “Add-in a fanny pack, a members only jacket, and a monocle and I’ll be all set.”

    Okay, now I’m turned on.

  38. lostalaska says:

    Let’s see Zubaz Patns are back… that means we have about six more months before the MC Hammer pants re-invasion of ’08 happens.

    …please hammer, don’t hurt ’em

  39. alhypo says:

    But what about all those poor zebras doomed to the slaughter?

  40. Erskine says:

    I have only one thing to add:


  41. Erskine says:

  42. yesteryear says:
  43. Youthier says:

    I just want to know where the kid in the picture got the yellow Driver jersey.

    Unfortunately, I doubt the people that are wearing the originals will upgrade to a new pair.

  44. russell_s says:

    I have a cousin, swear to God, who still wears them. Un-Ironically.

    I would bust his balls, but alas… he is into that mixed martial arts and would kick my ass.

    sad really.

  45. rmz says:

    @loquaciousmusic: You’ve got to combine the two and wear your Zubaz pants backwards. DOUBLE COOL!

    …wait, can you even tell which side of those things is the front or the back?

  46. Erskine says:

    “Bow to your sensei!”


  47. The Porkchop Express says:

    @SpenceMan01: Word to your mother on the Hypercolor shirt.

    Anybody know where i can get some Z-caverrichi (sp) jeans.

  48. ceriphim says:

    God those are just awful… Especially the highschool football team picture…

  49. Oface says:

    @Whitey Fisk:

    Unfortunately, the mullet (now pronounced “moolay”) is making a comeback. I believe its being described as a “fine line between redneck and Sarajevo chic”. I want to stab myself with my own scissors.

    And Erskine…

    I can’t find any with Diedrich Bader in them.

  50. KyleOrton says:

    Seriously though, I never doubted these would come back once those mall jean stores offered a Dremmel to distress $100 pants. I bet the Zubaz guy saw that and said “$100?!? I can give them trashy pants for waaay less than that!”

    And for what it’s worth, these are awesome as a second layer for cold Wisconsin football games and winter sports.

  51. thepassenger says:

    I never knew these things had a brand name.

  52. flairness says:

    Is it bad that I’m a chick and I totally want a pair of these for shock value?

  53. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    There’s a guy at my gym that rocks the Zubaz. He’s got different ones for each day. Honestly, I think that’s pretty awesome. He’s not a sterotypical gym rat meat head either. He’s keepin it real.! :-)

  54. scoopy says:

    I’m glad this is flagged under NEW AND EXCITING PRODUCTS. Way to go consumerist.com because these pants are both new and exciting. Oh, wait…

  55. Paul D says:

    “Y’think anybody wants a roundhouse kick to the face while I’m wearin’ these bad-boys? Fuggetaboutit!”

    / Yes, a Napoleon Dynamite reference. Sue me.

  56. homerjay says:

    “There’s only two kinds of guys who wear Hawaiian shirts: gay guys and big fat party animals. And Bart doesn’t look like a big fat party animal to me!”

  57. itsallme says:

    My friend just ordered a pair. He happens to be a king, so it’s true that kings and queens wear them.

    He needs a new ring now. Does anybody know of an online supplier of royal jewelry?

  58. DePaulBlueDemon says:


    Exactly. :)

    They’re good people. They’re MY people. :)

  59. Trai_Dep says:

    On the bright side, there’s no way in Hell that the genes that compelled a guy to buy those UGLY things will propagate to future generations.

  60. Narockstar says:

    Yes! Now the legend of the Zubaz will live on. People were beginning look confused when I made fun of them.

  61. MadameX says:

    @Lo-Pan: “Anybody know where i can get some Z-caverrichi (sp) jeans.”

    Kohls. I swear.

    And don’t ask how I know that.

  62. MKizzle says:

    Being from Minnesota, I have to say that I love the fact that this picture is from a Green Bay Packers/Minnesota Vikings game (check out the left side of the picture — I spy a Viking logo, also there is a purple tent in the background).

    Does it get any more White Trash-tastic then the annual Packer/Vikings game at the Metrodome? Zubaz, cheeseheads, and plastic bottles of Bud Light as far as the eye can see! It’s glorious.

  63. PropCulture says:

    @Sheargenius79: Just do a Google Image Search on Rex Kwan Do. It’s a gold mine.

  64. Mills says:

    When I was in Middle School, my Dad picked me up early wearing a pair of these in Packer colors.

    They never let me forget it, those nasty 12 year olds.

    For the love of the children, don’t wear these!

  65. Bald_Ben says:

    I wore these as a young teen. What?

  66. dantsea says:


  67. Meg Marco says:
  68. Paulyshoreis.dead says:

    Freaky weird. I was just talking about those the other day and how I used to wear them all the time. Personally, if you are working out they are really good to wear. Plus if you are doing martial arts they are pretty spiffy too.

    Oh geez, between this and the article on Car Wars on io9, no wonder I never got laid.

  69. missbheave (is not convinced) says:

    @emjsea: Ha!

  70. missbheave (is not convinced) says:

    @Meg Marco: comment of the day for sure.

  71. rdldr1 says:

    Stay classy Packers fans.

  72. Juliekins says:

    I bring you…Rex Kwan Do

    + Watch video

  73. Jericho114 says:

    @Paulyshoreis.dead: How are these REALLy good to wear for working out and martial arts, please clarify? Aside from the fact that your opponent will collapse from laughing at your extremely poor style sense.

  74. MYarms says:

    LOL I think I still have my Zubaz in some drawer somewhere.

  75. KyleOrton says:

    @MKizzle: No Packer fan drinks Bud Light. Miller Light or Leinie’s.

  76. MKizzle says:

    @KyleOrton: In the interest of fairness, I included Vikings fans in the White Trash group. Vikings fans love them some Bud Light.

  77. Oface says:

    @PropCulture: thanks. I should have been smarter. Derrrrr.

  78. theblackdog says:

    @homerjay: Dad, why did you bring me to a gay steel mill?

  79. crapple says:

    @chai_tea: I’ve updated the ensemble if you check out the post about the Zubaz employees with the sense of humor. I forgot about the members only jacket in it..I just need a kick ass shirt and I’ll be all set. I’ll wear it to all weddings and fine dining functions.

  80. crapple says:

    @flairness: not at all. there’s a Halloween every year you know.

  81. Sophie-Grace says:

    My best friend bought me Vikings color Zubaz for Christmas. What do you think he meant by that?!

  82. Mr_Burmie says:

    From the website: “Zubaz, the perfect St.Patricks Day party pant”

    And then they don’t even sell them in green.

    In an alternate universe where I would wear zubaz, I would totally stop wearing them in protest.

  83. zubazdan says:

    lot of haters out there. they almost outnumber the Zubaz lovers…you know you want a pair.