Email Home Depot CEO Francis Blake

The email address for the CEO of Home Depot is The corporate email address format for Home Depot generally follows the format Good for when you’ve tried the basic customer service lines but you still find your home improvement customer service needs improving.


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  1. SuffolkHouse says:

    I’ the biggest grouch there is when assessing customer service. I’ve never met an outfit with a more liberal return policy than Home Depot. I return to them as much as I can because I always know that if I over-buy or something doesn’t work, or even match I can return it with just about no questions asked. I like Home Depot.

  2. Illusio26 says:

    I actually used Frank’s email address last summer when I was having trouble getting lumber delivered. I ended up talking to a nice person in his office that fixed everything for me and even gave me a $50 gift card to make up for my troubles. So that worked out well.

  3. blitzcat says:

    How about when you post these corp email addresses, you extend some courtesy to the owners by posting them in a format that spiders and bots can’t read? Like “firstname underscore lastname at homedepot dot com.”

    The account won’t work long once its on the bot lists, so the post becomes pointless.

  4. Buran says:

    @blitzcat: Spammers already blindly send mail to every possible permutation of an email address on a domain so it’s already getting spam. Hiding your email address no longer works. Changing it is also pointless as your newly-created address will also receive spam due to this.

    It’s hardly anyone’s fault if an address gets spam except whoever’s managing the spam filters for that domain.

  5. Erasmus Darwin says:

    @Buran: That’s really not accurate. First of all, spam doesn’t come from a single, monolithic entity. There are different levels of receiving spam, and posting the email address in a bot-readable format is only going to up the number.

    As for spammers trying all possible permutations, that really isn’t feasible. Just trying every 8 letter permutation would result in 26^8 or 208,827,064,576 (208 billion) possibilities — that’s way too much to try. Some spammers will scan for first names or other common words, but that wouldn’t apply to this email address.

    Now there are some spammers that will pull up public records about companies and use those to try the various first_last@, first.last@, first@, and flast@ combinations. However, those spammers seem to be in the minority and don’t produce the volume of spam seen elsewhere.

  6. Squeezer99 says:

    my biggest complaint with home depot is every time I go there needing something, the stop on the shelf for it is empty. there’s a price tag there and everything, they’re just sold out of it or too lazy to restock the shelf. in this day of computerized inventory, you’d think they’d be able to know when they’ve ran low/out of something on the shelf and restock it.

  7. mikesgrrl says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve been getting the runaround from Home Depot’s rebate dept. for a $100 rebate I was owed since May 2007. I received a reply from almost immediately with a response that I’d hear from someone in Mr. Blake’s office. Today, I got a phone call from a pleasant executive customer service rep, who apologized profusely, assured me that the check would here by end of next week, and that I’d also be getting a $100 gift card for my trouble. They’ll be getting more of my business!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Dear Sir.
    One would think that you have Christaphobia by your actions of not including Christmas in your store. You may have included all other hoildays, but not the one that is true to all.
    In doing this you force me not to shop at your stores any longer, and inform all my friends that you do not support this hoilday. Thank you for turn this nation back to the mom and pop days, when you could count on someone.

    Thank you for your time,

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hello sir. I would like to know why whenever I walk into the Home Depot in Kapolei, HI there are no sales associate in sight. It’s like a ghost town in there you can’t find an associate out on the floor to save your life. I heard that management was cutting back on employees because they weren’t meeting their quotas financially that is. A lot of people have complained to me about how horrible the customer service is at Home Depot and not being able to find anybody to help them and even if they do there’s a long line of people waiting to talk to the sales associate. It makes no sense for management to cut back on their people when there’s barely anybody working there to begin with. But I’m sure management would much rather cut down on people than their paychecks.
    And I know that Home Depot has donated a lot of money to different organizations and charities, but when it comes to their employees HOME DEPOT IS CHEAP AND GREEDY. I know for a fact that when a holiday comes around, the employees get paid holiday pay but they get an extra day off so it’s as if you didn’t even get holiday pay.
    I’m pretty sure your a very nice man and I’m not trying to blame you in any way. I just want to be heard by higher up and hopefully something gets done. And if not, I’ll just keep talking until something is done.
    Thank you very much for your time. Have a very nice day.

    • kargoby says:

      @GemmaMidas: i actually have a different experience i live in colorado and i always go to the same home depot of 104’thand i always get great customer service. last week i was looking to paint my house and i went to the home depot and on my way in the cart boy asked me if i needed help and i told him what i need and he walked me through the whole store and found me everything except he didnt know much about plumbing so he led me right to another employee who did. what a great store

  10. Anonymous says:

    I went to Home Depot store in Augusta, Maine to purchase wood floor material (Traffic Master parquet wood tile), which I found for .97 cents / square foot. However, there were only 8-boxes in stock and the job required 22 boxes. The sales person, Randy, kindly called the Waterville store (about 20 miles away) and it had 157 boxes in stock. I went to the Home Depot in Waterville, the sales person retrieved 22 boxes that I needed. I also picked up the glue required and molding to finish the job.
    At check the cashier rang up the 22-boxes at $1.47 / square foot. I explained that I just came from the Augusta store and it was .97 cents / square foot. The “manager” called the Augusta store and confirmed the cost at .97, however, said it could not honor that price!
    Since when does different Home Depot stores have different prices?? Home Depot and customer service should not be used in the same sentence.
    I left the Waterville store and all the material. I’m so glad Lowes has a store in Augusta. I’m now a Lowe’s customer.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday i was desperate to have sombody fix my water
    heater. So I went to home depot, I looked for my friend
    Leonard Garcia(a master of customer service).he took me to the plumbing dept, where i met hector,,hector was very helpful,and gave suggestions that I believe only friends will give hes kind of suggestion. to make my story short,i did not only save money,but i believe i finally got the service that home depot brags about. My family spent so much money with home depot,not beacause of the service but because of the variety and unbeatable prices.But ,this past saturday, i was finally convinced about the excellent service. I did mention to leonard and hector that I am impressed with the service provided by both of them , another worker named benny happen to join the conversation and he said ,hey why dont you go to electrical dept and ill show you what service is all about,,,,,whowwww ,what a reassurance, well ,since i had to come back forthe actual parts, benny was there ,asnd gave more installation safety techniques.. my heater is back to work..Thanks to the HOME DEPOT SUPERSTARS..PLEASE RECOGNIZE THIS GREAT COMPANY ASSETS..of your WESLACO branch…

  12. Anonymous says:

    not a comment, i have a question, i am trying to find the mailing adress to the home depot’s surveilance archives location in orange county, ca. as well as the managers name at that location. hopefully i can write them a letter indicating a situation that i was involved with in the parking lot at their cherry ave. signal hill location in long beach, ca. i am trying to see if this situation is possibly on video thanks

  13. Carine Marescot says:

    I am using this email address to complain about some internal affairs and basically to send a letter about my boss i hope it works

  14. Anonymous says:

    I just finished reading an article in Informationweek about Home Depots poor service and how consumers who visit this sight trashed them after a recent experience. I really think this is old information. When Nardelli was CEO, the service was terrible. He almost ruined the company by eliminating most of the full time educated staff replacing them with “cheap” part time considerably less experienced help. I was in my local Delafield, WI HD three times in the last month. On Memorial Day weekend the place was crawling with help. I was asked 4 times by three different people if they could help me. One lady asked me twice saying “are you sure I can’t help you – you look like you could use some help”. The new leadership at Home Depot is making a difference. And my local Delafield HD is great!

  15. vsel3 says:

    I used Home Depot ever since they were in our area until now. We spent thousands on carpet, and it is absolutely the WORSE possible installation ever. They just can’t get it right. Lowe’s-here we come. Home Depot gets a 0 out of 1 to 10.

  16. contractor rich says:

    HD is not being consistent with its ads. I received an emailed ad saying I could save up to 3% on ALL PURCHASES by becoming a member of “Pro Rewards”. No mention in the ad that all stores don’t honor the “Pro Rewards” account (which I had ) In fact the management at my local HD thought it was only for paint. I’ve contacted the THD customer care dept and got one “so sorry” reply but they wouldn’t respond after further questioning. So what is it guys, you going to honor your ads or not?