Not to be outdone by the national players, regional cellphone company U.S. Cellular has announced a $99 unlimited calling plan “for a limited time.” $15 more adds unlimited text messaging, and $10 more adds unlimited data usage. [IntoMobile]


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  1. Xkeeper says:

    $15 for text, $10 for data?

    Do these seem a little unbalanced to anybody else?

  2. ConnertheCat says:

    Text is the cheapest thing for the cell phone provider, even cheaper then [talking] minutes. So it always seems dumb no matter what.

  3. Scuba Steve says:

    @Xkeeper: To someone who needs unlimited talk and unlimited text, unlimited data is probably less important due to constantly talking and texting.

  4. GearheadGeek says:

    @Xkeeper: Charging what the market will bear… more people are more interested in text messaging. Also, they only offer 1xRTT data (like sprint’s 1.5g Vision service, about equivalent to full ISDN in speed.)

  5. meneye says:

    You guys should at least spell check your posts before you post them.

  6. brainologist says:

    I just want to give a shout-out endorsement to US Cellular. I was with that company for 8 years before I moved away from the midwest. I loved everything about the company: competitive prices, excellent customer service (both in the stores and on the phone), and overall very helpful. Because they’re not the biggest around, they always seemed to go the extra mile to keep customers happy. It’s the only big company I’ve ever been sad to have to stop doing business with.

    (And, yeah, text msg fees are exorbitant everywhere, but at USCellular, at least all your incoming texts are *always* free…)

  7. Chris Walters says:

    @meneye: [sighing] yeah, we should…

  8. allstarecho says:

    The nation’s largest privately owned regional cellphone company, Cellular South, has had unlimited for 2 years. $59.99 a month, 24/7, incoming and outgoing, including long distance and 750 “travel” minutes for when you leave the Mississippi/Tennessee/Alabama/Florida panhandle “home”. For an addition $5.99 you can add unlimited data for BREW and web surfing and for an additional $5.99 more you can add unlimited text messaging. Bout time all these other companies did it although they are still way more expensive. I’ll stick with my Cellular South.

  9. chicagojohn says:

    who woo – now I can talk to Joan “I’m at the gym” Cusack all day long.

  10. shch says:

    The U.S. Cellular data plan is actually just a service that provides you access to their “easyedge” catalog where you can BUY monthly subscriptions to an internet browser, email apps, ringtones, games, etc. So you do end up paying more than $10/month, as you can’t even buy ringtones, games, etc. w/o the package.

    That being said, U.S. Cellular is hands down the best cell provider in Maine where I live. Their phone line up leaves a bit to be desired but its getting better and they really are awesome when it comes to service.

  11. darkened says:

    Glad i have unlimited calling for $50 and unlimited text for $20.