Mom Upset Over "Death Threat" Elmo

Little James here loves Elmo. In fact, his entire house is filled with every Elmo toy you could possibly imagine and even a few you can’t. One of these beloved Elmos is a model that you can program with your computer to say your kids name. Recently, James’ mother replaced the batteries in “Elmo Knows Your Name” and is now convinced that the doll is homicidal.

You see, James’ mother thinks that Elmo is saying “Kill James.”

We watched the clip before we knew what the doll was “supposed” to be saying and thought it sounded like “Carol Kane,” but James’ mother in convinced Elmo is more into Charles Manson than Scrooged.

Fisher-Price has agreed to replace the toy. Feel free to tell us what you think the doll is saying in the comments.

Toddler’s Elmo Doll Makes Death Threats, Family Says [TBO] (Thanks, Everyone!)
Video [TBO]

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