Guitar Hero For Wii Owners Are Furiously Angry At Having To Mail Their Discs To Activision

We’ve been getting a lot of emails lately about Activision and their requirement that people who purchased their defective game send it back and wait a month in order to receive a replacement.

Some examples:

I got a mailer from Activision and they said to send in your original gameand wait 3-4 weeks for a replacement DVD. I called the 800 number and got nowhere. I was told there was no other option. I offered to let them bill my credit card in case I never sent the DVD back.

It seems silly that I just spent $100 bucks to play one fun game, and I have to stop playing for a full month.

I just find it ridiculous that we have been forced to wait so long, with at least some of us even without any communication from the company to inform us of the correct process, and now we also will be forced to wait once again because we have to mail our own discs back in first before they will even send the replacement ones out. Something tells me this might stretch into 4 months without a resolution to this issue.

So, basically, because Activision decided to ship a faulty game (and the rumor mill says that they didknow it was faulty, but wanted to get the game out while Guitar Hero craze was still taking place), they are now going to take my game back for a full month.

In a nutshell, I paid $79.95 for a defective game, and now Activision is going to keep my game for a month while they amble around replacing it. I have other games that I play on Wii, but my sister only plays GH3, so she’ll be gameless (and Wii less) for a while.

I realize their desire to make sure people actually have the game, but a 3 week turnaround time is pretty mind-boggling.

This issue has been going on for months. We first reported it on November 15, 2007. Feel free to add your experience with Guitar Hero for Wii in the comments.

Guitar Hero® III Wii Replacement Disc Registration Website [Activision]

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