Sprint Testing Unlimited Minute Plan

Just like it hinted, Sprint has rolled out an unlimited minute plan. For $119 per month, you get unlimited voice, texting, web, email and picture mail. However, it’s only available in the test markets of San Francisco Bay Area, Upper Central California, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and Tampa. We actually got a tip about this four days ago on February 14th (it got lost in the email shuffle), so it looks like Sprint did in fact beat Verizon to the unlimited cellphone game and then forced Verizon to react to their offer, which, considering Sprint’s bottom-dog status right now, is a major coup for new CEO Dan Hesse. It remains to be seen whether these plans will actually be unlimited or if we will see the same secret caps that Comcast put on their “unlimited” broadband plans.

Sprint – Unlimited Access Pack [Official Site] (Thanks to Brian!)
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