HSBC Won't Tell You Someone In Bulgaria Is Stealing $2,000 From You

Keith writes:

On Friday February 15th I called HSBC customer service. I explained that there was a $1,000 difference between my “Bank Balance” and I was concerned because I hadn’t used my ATM card. They said that the money was “on hold.” They could give no further explanation. I pressed them and said “How is it possible that $1,000 of my money is out in space” They had no reply. I asked to speak to a supervisor to which the person I was speaking to refused and said “They have the same information I do and they are not available.” I was talking to outsourced “customer service reps” from the Philippines so I hung up and dialed 716.841.7212 again. I kindly explained my store from scratch to Helga REP # 6124, also in the Philippines, not Buffalo, NY. She said the same thing as the guy before (at least they were consistent), and refused to let me speak to a supervisor.

I grew tired of this so I went to bed. When I went online to check my account on Sunday I noticed a $2,000 difference. Now I was very concerned. I called and got the same story, only this time I demanded to speak to the security and fraud operations.

I was transfered to “Jeremy, #A09” Jeremy was very helpful and asked if I had been out of the US. I said no I’ve been in Brooklyn all weekend, he then tells me that there are $2,000 worth of ATM withdrawals in Bulgaria. He said that someone stole my card number and pin, imprinted it on another card and is taking money out of an ATM. When I asked how long it would take to credit my account he said 11-15 business days!

Luckily I don’t need to pay rent out of that money, but thats not the point what if I needed it for rent?

My complaint is that HSBC is negligent when it comes to consumer fraud detection. Because their centers have different information they have cost me an additional 3 out of my 11 business days so far and who knows how much longer it will be until I see all of the money back. I would really like to let the folks in Buffalo know how their call centers are treating people who have been customers for 5 years.

I will do everything I can to get this money back before 11 business days.

– Keith

What would have happened if Keith hadn’t demanded to speak to the fraud department? Would $3,000 of his money be on hold? Other companies have automatic alerts now that detect when say, a customer who lives in Buffalo New York is making an out of the ordinary withdrawal in a country formerly under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. They should have detected it and called Keith and said hey, are you in Bulgaria? No, ok, we’ll be working on stopping this charge and getting the money back to you.

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