Zappos Zaps Price Protection Policy, Free Overnight Shipping

Update: Zappos will still surprise customers with free overnight shipping, but it is no longer a perk they will actively promote.

Online shoe store, renowned for their otherworldly ‘just-say-yes’ customer service philosophy, no longer offers free overnight shipping or a 110% price match guarantee. Tipster Julie forwarded her conversation with a Zappos CSR confirming the policy shift.

Here is the chat you had recently at
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Kathy: Thank you for contacting! My name is Kathy. How may I assist you today?
Julie: I was wondering if you still offer the 110% price match guarantee?
Kathy: Hello Julie, I’ll be happy to help. We no longer offer our Price Protection Policy.
Julie: Oh! Okay, thank you. When did that end?
Kathy: It ended on February 14th.
Julie: Ah okay. Bummer. Thank you!
Kathy: You are very welcome. Please let us know if there is any thing else we may assist you with.
Julie: Will do, thanks!
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Sure enough, there is an official announcement:

We will no longer be promoting “Free Overnight Shipping” and we no longer will be promoting our price protection policy. Instead, we will be focusing more on our “free shipping” and our expanding selection of merchandise.

When asked to explain the shift, Zappos informed us that their public relations person was out enjoying the three-day weekend.

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