Wilson’s Leather is closing half of their stores and firing 1,000 people. [Wall Street Journal]


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  1. homerjay says:

    I’ve never had a Wilsons jacket that lasted more than 6 months.

  2. laserjobs says:

    I wonder if they will have some discounts on those chaps I have been eyeing?

  3. Dilbitz says:

    @homerjay: Perhaps you are too rough with your clothes. My Wilson’s leather coat has lasted 9 years so far. The only thing I’ve had to replace is the zipper. The only “beef” I have with them is that they don’t carry plus sizes at the store in my town.

  4. smirky says:

    It’s funny you say that. I am about to contact them about my 4 month old jacket and the ripping seems.

  5. Gopher bond says:

    What a crap factory that place is. I like to go into Wilson’s and ask a rep for help and then hold up a jacket and ask, “How many times did you have to back over this dog before it died?”

  6. PatrickIs2Smart says:

    Ugh… subscription required… I just want to know if the stores near me are closing!

  7. homerjay says:

    @testsicles: In your mind, right? :)

  8. mopar_man says:

    I’ve got a Wilsons jacket and it’s great. I guess more and more people are preferring to buy their “leather” jackets at Wal-Mart.

  9. Gopher bond says:

    @homerjay: no, on youtube.

  10. MDSasquatch says:

    ** No cows were injured in the making of this jacket **

  11. snoop-blog says:

    wilson’s leather was too overpriced %90 of the year. even when they had the massive sales, i still felt like what i was buying was barely worth the price, and far from a “deal”. surprisingly, burlington coat factory has just as good of a selection.

  12. ChrisC1234 says:

    I didn’t know they kept stores year round… I always thought they all just opened up around Christmas time and closed shortly thereafter.

  13. edrebber says:

    Leather jackets don’t keep a person very warm and can be ruined by the weather. They are mostly for fashion.

  14. theblackdog says:

    Damn, and I have a rather nice coat from them. Maybe it means getting another one for really cheap ;-)

  15. theblackdog says:

    @edrebber: I disagree, if you take good care of the leather the weather doesn’t affect it much.

  16. jaydez says:

    @laserjobs: yes, its will 10% off but they have th take the leather off the ass of the chaps to make up for it.

  17. Goatweed says:

    their gloves are pretty good when they have sales, as are some of their bags…but their jackets are garbage, I owned two and wore each for one season a piece due to poor quality (ripped leather, seams coming undone). I bought the second one thinking the first one was a lemon.

  18. DoubleEcho says:

    @edrebber: I have to disagree as well. My leather jacket is about 7 years old, and while it looks a little weathered and has some tiny rips, it still looks good. The trick is to make sure you put that leather lotion on it about 2-3 times a year to keep it from cracking.

    Oh, and my leather coat in the winter is awesome when the wind starts blowing – No wind gets through that sucker! I’m warmer in my leather coat than I am in a big old blaze orange hunting jacket.

  19. EtherealStrife says:

    I love the jacket I picked up from there a couple years back. But then it was something they picked up a bulk order on, not one of their own tagged items.
    @DoubleEcho: I second the lotion comment. Vital.

  20. mopar_man says:


    Apparently you’ve never worn a leather jacket before.

  21. Imaginary_Friend says:

    Looks like the U.S. stockpile of leather fanny packs are about to take a giant nosedive.

  22. theblackdog says:

    @DoubleEcho: I third the leather lotion comment. Any new leather items that come into my house immediately get a lotion treatment.

  23. pelirroja86 says:

    Once, I was trained to tell you all how to take of your leather investment, but I really don’t work for Wilson’s anymore since an outside company is responsible for our liquidation. Great.

  24. kariandjoey says:

    I am … was … a manager at a Wilson’s in Maine. Our store is closing … for good … the conference call was rude and uncaring. It was basically delivered in the way of “As of 5 pm this afternoon, you no longer work for Wilson’s leather…” There are 3 managers at my store, including myself … and we are all quite devastated. One manager is practically homeless, one is 7 months pregnant … and my husband and I just bought a car the day before we found out. As soon as the liquidators sell out all of our merchandise we will all be out of jobs. It’s terrible. Absolutely terrible. And to think that over 1000 people will be out of jobs. It’s just … I can’t describe what I feel really. Just … think about all of us that are now jobless in a seemingly crashing economy … and how hard it will be for all of us to find jobs. Finding management is not the easiest thing to do!! And if we decide to leave before they close us for good, we do not get any unemployment. We don’t even get severance pay!! And the new direction the company is going in just seems so … I don’t know … it’s just ridiculous!! The whole thing!! And if anyone on here works … worked … at a Wilson’s that is closing … I know how you feel and I am honestly so sorry. From the bottom of my heart … I am so so sorry!! And good luck to all of us that no longer have a job …