Bath & Body Works Apologetically Delivers Discontinued Oil For Free

Kevin writes:

The other day my wife called up customer service at Bath & Body Works to ask about a scented oil she loves that they didn’t have at any local stores. Turns out it was discontinued and when they checked the computers they couldn’t find any in stock anywhere. They apologized and offered to send out a coupon which made my wife happy. She gave them our address and forgot about it. Yesterday, I went out to get the paper and found a box at our front door…

Inside were two bottles (~$20 each) of the discontinued oil and a really long apology saying how bad they felt that her favorite scent was discontinued and that they would pass on her disappointment to the people in charge of deciding what is sold. It was a a really friendly note, personal and genuine. The fact that they took the trouble to track down two bottles and send them for free (she had been happy to buy them) with such a nice note had us both feeling all warm and tingly the rest of the day (no easy task with the weather in Michigan these days). Anyhow, I thought that kind of service deserved a mention on your fine site.



That is super awesome customer service. Just a coupon would have been fine, but Bath & Body Works went the extra mile and tracked down the discontinued oil and sent it to them for free. They rewarded a loyal customer and cemented their bond. Good on ya, Bath and Body Works! Next time we think of slathering on overpriced oils, perhaps we shall think of your fine establishment!

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