The $6,516.67 Sprint Bill

JD writes:

My device was stolen in Mexico. I reported it. The Sprint rep. suspended the WRONG line. My bill comes a few weeks ago: $6,000+. My Sprint bill was $6,000 this month and two calls to Fraud Prevention/2 tickets/and my bill is almost due (with no response or adjustment, was was promised within 2 business days, twice). I don’t know what to do at this point…

It appears your claim has gotten lost somewhere within the deep dark bowels of Sprint’s billing system. The best thing we can suggest at this point is to call the Sprint Executive Customer Service line at 703-433-4401 and get your claim expedited. Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day.


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  1. bbbici says:

    Try to remember to write down a transaction confirmation number when dealing with CSRs.

  2. wow…and sprint had a byzantine billing system. I dont think most sprint reps know how that black hole works.

  3. Coder4Life says:

    you would think they would fix this problem with their customer service by now. As millions of customers are leaving the company every year…

  4. snoop-blog says:

    i have sprint and if my bill ever goes over $300, they just turn my service off.

  5. rmz says:

    I’m pretty sure I would have a literal heart attack if I opened a bill to a figure like that.

  6. B1663R says:

    @Coder4Life: and another million sign up after leaving their previous phone company.

    the circle of life… gotta love it!!

  7. backbroken says:

    Why are you complaining? Sprint credited you $16.38.

  8. Nighthawke says:

    You do critical changes to your bill like this, first you outline on paper what you want done, then you order the CSR to repeat back what you requested him/her/it to do. I perform this procedure and it makes the jokers actually think and do it properly. I actually caught a couple screwing up this way and prevented any disasters from blowing up in my face.

  9. Buran says:

    Make them find the recording of you calling in and reporting your phone stolen and they’ll eat their fraudulent bill.

  10. midwestkel says:

    @backbroken: lol, Nice!

    I used to work as a Sprint CSR because starting off they paid well and it was easy but soon found out it sucked ass and everyone that worked thier didnt care, and was thier for the money, so instead of working a shitty job getting yelled at by customers for other CSR’s mistakes I quit!

    The thing with Sprint is to get the persons ID like mine was “kkarne01” so, first initial then 5 of my last name followed by that number. Also ask for them to comment your account and ask them to open the comments again and get the date and time stamp on the comment they just put.

  11. rcathtx says:

    What part of the country is JD in? I got over $4000 removed from my Sprint bill by a local account manager.

  12. BrianH says:

    Just a quick nod to Consumerist & the Sprint hotline. I had a problem about 18 months ago, I called to get it fixed, Consuela (yes that was her name, if I understood her correctly) not only didn’t fix the problem, but she signed me up for a new contract w/o telling me & screwed everything up.

    Anyway I recently used the Consumerist hotline to get it fixed (thanks Consumerist!) and it’s all squared away.

    But it should’ve never needed to come to that.

    Unfortunately I have a feeling that all the cell phone companies are the same and that this problem could just have easily happened w/ Verizon, AT&T, etc…

  13. Zaos says:

    Yeah listen to consumerist about this kind of stuff. You might think “oh it won’t work” but it does. it worked for my $250 bill, it should work for a $6000 bill – mine was with verizon, after reading the article from consumerist i was on the phone with the wireless ceo in 50 minutes fixing my stuff which according to the CSRs would have taken 3 months. the lady said we have no such procedure, im sorry to say they were trying to blow me off.


  14. deepsprint says:

    JD is not giving enough information here. What are the $6000 dollars in charges for? The kind of things the fraud department looks at are things like large numbers of calls from Mexico to the customer’s home or other numbers the customer calls frequently. Then we know the person is lying and made the calls themselves.

    I’m not saying JD is lying. But calls from customer’s lying to try to get out of paying valid charges happen all day every day at every phone company.

  15. the_mdg says:

    Ha! I love it! I’d like to see the details on this bill just to see where this credit/adjustment came in to the picture. @backbroken:

  16. topeka says:

    I work for Sprint. They treat customers and employees badly. We are forced to explain Sprint bills that are a chaotic mess.

  17. wtmylm says:

    Complain to the BBB the Sprint Executive & Regulatory Services will call you and fix the problem. Dont try and ask a CSR what Executive & Regulatory Services is they have no idea. =) I have gotten Hundreds of $$ worth of service because my service sucked and bills were screwed. Also if you get bad reception the ERS will let you cancel your contract.