Humana Delays 93 Year Old's Medicine For 3 Weeks

John writes:

Had a problem with my Mom’s Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan with Humana. Their mail order pharmacy (RightSource) advertises a two-week turnaround from date of sending-in an order to receipt of medications. However after three weeks, RightSource had not acknowledged receipt of the order. A RightSource phone rep said the logging-in of orders was being delayed by two to three weeks due to heavy volume. This delay — in the case of meds for a 93 year-old lady — was unacceptable.

I was able to find the email address for Humana’s CEO Michael B. McAllister (who last year earned $3.33 million in compensation). The email is

I sent him an email which began with “Congratulations on Humana’s record-breaking 2007 performance in membership, revenue and profit.” I then explained my Mom’s problem and asked for assistance.

Within 24 hours I received an email from a customer care representative at Humana apologizing for the problem, telling me that my Mom’s order had been located and that the order was being over-night shipped.

That’s fantastic! The power of taking it to the top. Hope your mom’s medicine arrived swiftly and she is doing well.