Survey Says: Half Of UK Men Would Give Up Sex For 50-Inch Plasma TV

A British electronics retailer asked 2,000 men and women what they’d give up in exchange for a 50″ plasma TV, and according to them, “47 percent of men would give up sex for half a year.” Among women, the number drops to about a third who are wiling to forgo sex. We’re not going to pretend for a second that this study is in any way scientific, but still—six months? Seriously?

Proving how non-addictive tobacco is, only 25% of people were willing to give up cigarettes for a TV, and about the same number were willing to give up chocolate.

Maybe the men who answered six months were counting on loopholes—there’s a lot of non-“sex” you can enjoy with a 50″ plasma TV and some hi-def porn.

“Half of UK men would swap sex for 50 inch TV” [Reuters]
(Photo: Getty)

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