Big Ten Network Continues To Annoy Consumers

So, apparently there is this sport where people try to throw a ball through a hoop that’s suspended above a “court.” It’s quite popular, says the Chicago Tribune. Colleges have teams and there is even a brand new cable station that shows games from just one conference:

Stop us if you have heard this one before: Comcast and the BTN still don’t have a deal. Nothing has changed since the football season, when many fans were upset at not being able to see the Wisconsin-Ohio State game, which aired on the BTN.

In early January, BTN President Mark Silverman said he was “optimistic” an agreement would be reached with Comcast. Now another month has passed, and nary a grand signing ceremony has been seen.

Silverman acknowledged Thursday that talks continue, but he didn’t want to add anything more. That’s probably a smart decision because it probably isn’t a good idea to get everyone’s hopes up again.

The BTN also doesn’t have an agreement with Charter Communications, the main cable carrier in Madison. In an effort to accommodate Badgers fans, it appears Wisconsin will open the Kohl Center free of charge and air the game on the big scoreboard TV screens.

What an excellent idea. This is turning out so well.

Big Ten Network, Comcast continue battle [Chicago Tribune]

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