Easily Compare Wholesale Mortgage Rates Online

Mortgage Professor has a great no-frills online tool for tracking the wholesale mortgage rates. Just go here, Select your geographic area, and time period to look at. Choose whether you want your data in chart or table format (I suggest table, as the chart data isn’t as up to date), and what kind of mortgage you want to look at. You can further sort the results by FICO, loan purpose, loan size, type of documentation, or size of down payment. The data comes from Amerisave. A great way to check out mortgage rates, and how strong you have to be to get them. Plus, you can use it to compare how much of a markup your broker is charging.

Mortgage Wholesale Rates [The Mortgage Professor]


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  1. normanm4 says:

    This is definitely useful information…it’s interesting to see the lay of the land before the “mortgage pimps” add their “fees”.

  2. MickeyMoo says:

    That website is a freaking goldmine of free information!


  3. thetango says:

    Anyone have info on a good mortgage refinance company?

  4. heavylee-again says:

    @normanm4: It sounds like you are unhappy that mortgage banks, brokers and/or ‘pimps’ add fees. I’m curious why; they are in business to make money. How else should they?

  5. Kevin Cotter says:

    Fairway Independant Mortgage
    Debbie McDonald

    The company is good, and Debbie is the one I trust. I used to work with her at Fairway, then I had her do my mortgage.

  6. Kevin Cotter says:

    You have to remember this site gives only wholesale rates!

    Mortgage Banks and regular banks with credit lines don’t have to worry, but Mortgage Brokers can offer lower rates based on wholesale rates, and people will hate them for yield spread premium.

    When I sold loans I explained the yield spread was the difference between wholesale and retail. I used to beat the rate Norwest offered by looking at their wholesale rate, to beat them with their own paper.

  7. Can-Car says:

    The mortgages rates is not the unique thing that we must to compare. Also would be important to compare the years amount that we are going to pay, as well as the fees %.

  8. OHlo61 says:

    The site is very useful, but what the average person forgets to take into consideration is that rates are going to be different depending on their exact credit score, amount of financing, type of home, credit history, etc, etc. And the rates posted on the mtgprofessor website are at 0 points, which is slightly misleading. I would assume that what is actually meant is the rate is at 0 yield spread, which would cause the borrower to pay points (or origination fee). People need to go to someone they trust for their mortgage needs, not always the person who promises the world and delivers a “bait and switch”.