Waiting 80 Minutes For Your "Take-And-Bake" Pizza Gives You Time To Compose Your Angry Blog Post

Over at Wise Bread they’re not too happy about Papa Murphy’s (a “take-and-bake” pizza place) and their ordering system. The main complaint? People who walk in off the street are served before people who phone in ahead of time. Phoning your order in results in endless waiting and watching as walk-ins order and get their (uncooked) pizzas. Frustrating.

Here’s a discription of the Papa Murphy’s ordering process:

1. Call ahead and order your pizza.
2. Turn up 20 minutes later and pay.
3. Be told “that’ll be just a few minutes.”
4. Wait a few minutes.
5. Watch some guy come into the store and order.
6. Wait a few more minutes.
7. Watch more people come in with phone orders.
8. Watch them pay.
9. Watch the guy who just came in get his pizza.
10. Scratch your head and wonder why.
11. Wait a few more minutes.
12. Watch some lady wander into the store and place an order.
13. Watch more people come in with phone orders.
14. Try not to laugh at them.
15. Wait a few more minutes.
16. Watch lady who just came in get her pizza.
17. Start getting really annoyed.
18. Watch other people with phone orders get annoyed.
19. Repeat steps 5 though 18 for the next HOUR.
20. Form a protest gang with fellow hungry, pissed off phone order customers.
21. Go to counter, see masses of tickets in no particular order.
22. Watch young store clerk give you bewildered ‘help me’ look.
23. Organize a committee.
24. Sort through tickets, find phone orders.
25. Get phone orders made, hoping there is no spit in the pizzas.
26. Receive, as a way of saying sorry for the long wait, NOTHING extra in return.
27. Leave store with pizza, grumpy.
28. Return home to hungry, annoyed family.
29. Recount steps 1 through 27 while pizza cooks using your own electricity.
30. Eat pizza begrudgingly.

Wait 80 minutes for a pizza I have to cook myself? You kiddin’ me?

Great idea for Papa Murphy’s – make the pizzas in order.
[WiseBread] (Thanks, Dan!)