Morning Deals

  • Finish Line: Adidas Men’s Microbounce + LT Running Shoe for $49.98
  • Amazon: Horizon milk 18 pack for $15 plus free shipping with coupon code MILKMIL5
  • 1-800 Flowers: Buy 1 dozen roses, get 1 dozen free
  • Highlights From Dealhack

  • Winter Sale: Burton Boards, Bags, & Clothing up to 40% off
  • Amazon: Kitchen Clearance Sale: Salad Spinner $6 & 1,200+ Other Discounts
  • OfficeMax: Kodak 8MP Digital Camera + Free Kodak LCD Frame $140 Shipped
  • Highlights From Bargainist

  • Amazon: TMX Elmo eXtra Special Edition $20
  • Gap: Clearance up to 70% off
  • Victoria’s Secret: Up to $75 off purchases coupon
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    1. arch05 says:

      I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: FUCK 1800FLOWERS.

    2. mookiemookie says:

      Care to elaborate?

    3. @mookiemookie: It’s either one of a few reasons, I’m guessing. Ordered and they came like crap. Ordered and didn’t come. Ordered and came late. Ordered for GF and sent bill to wife. Got better deal at local florist. Billing issues. Did I miss any? Oh, ordered and didn’t get any.

    4. arch05 says:

      @mookiemookie: I didn’t think anyone wanted to hear my rant again, but thanks for asking. Stevedave put up a pretty good rundown.
      1. Ordered bouquet of all-yellow flowers.
      2. Flowers delivered in no way resembled the online pic. Half were dead. 1/4 were unbloomed.
      3. Was promised a redelivery of the correct bouquet + full refund by ‘Sonny the floor supervisor’ aka lying sack of shit.
      4. Redelivered flowers STILL were in no way comparable to what I ordered.
      5. Redelivering florist was rude to recipient’s boss & coworkers.
      6. ‘Sonny the SOB’ denies my full refund.
      7. Corporate is about as helpful as a bullet to the head.
      8. Chargeback bitches!

    5. FrescaGirl says:

      Ahhh well, it doesn’t matter much anyway, the disclaimer for the flowers deal is “Offer ends 2/3/08”.

    6. s35flyer says:

      Arch05 – So you’re not going to recommend them? -:)

    7. taka2k7 says:

      ummm, the horizon milk deal isn’t really a deal, even with the discount code. 18 8oz cartons is 144 oz, or slightly more than a gallon. For $15!!!?? Are you nuts?

      Even in my local store, the regular price for horizon milk is $5.99 a gallon. Buy some nesquick or ovaltine for the flavor and you’ll still be ahead.

    8. arch05 says:

      @s35flyer: I’d recommend they be kicked in the face.

    9. Salad spinner is coming up at $9.99. I wanted it too.

    10. @Git Em SteveDave: Oh, and when I said “didn’t get any” at the end, I meant action, play, etc…

    11. arch05 says:

      @Git Em SteveDave: happily no comment