The Burger Of Mandatory Binding Arbitration

If you step into this Whataburger in Kilgore, Texas, you automatically agree to the burger joint’s mandatory arbitration clause. At least that’s what the sign on the door says. According to Mother Jones:

Sorey says when he went in, he told a befuddled cashier that he didn’t think that the arbitration notice was enforceable, that anyway he wasn’t agreeing to it, and, “I need a taquito and a coffee.” He says he sat down, watched some traffic, and ate his taquito. “I didn’t choke, I didn’t burn myself, and I didn’t sue ’em,” he reports.

That’s one burger that’s hard to swallow. Might choke on your after you read this sign. That’s one raw burger. Etc.

Eat Burger, Waive Right to Sue [Mother Jones]
(Photo: Dan Sorey)

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