Time Warner: A Tornado Destroyed Your House Our Cable Boxes? That'll Be $2,000

Ann Beam’s Wheatland, WI home was destroyed by a tornado earlier this month. Then a snow storm hit and made clean up difficult. To top it off, she opened her Time Warner Cable bill and saw a $2,000 charge for the 5 (9-year-old) cable boxes and remotes that were destroyed in the tornado.

She immediately called the cable company. She said she spoke to two different people, one who said he was a manager, and was told there was nothing the company could do.

“They said I would have to take the bill and turn it in to my insurance company,” Beam said.

She isn’t the only one opening similar bills from TWC. Tornado-ravaged Wheatland is full of destroyed cable boxes. Not knowing what else to do, Beam turned to the media to help her out. That got some results.

“We understand this is an unusual situation,” Celeste Flynn, director of public affairs for Time Warner Cable, told the Kenosha News. “All they will need to do is call and we will take the equipment off their account.”

Cable TV bills with a twist [KenoshaNews]

UPDATE: Alex from Time Warner Cable writes in to confirm that it’s TWC’s policy to waive charges in the event of a disaster.

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