In the UK, you can now buy an IKEA house. No, you do not build it with an Allen wrench. [BoKlok]


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  1. chiieddy says:

    Never fly in the US, though. They’re the exact opposite of a McMansion.

  2. B says:

    What do you do if they don’t include all the windows in the box?

  3. Rachacha says:

    In looking at the site FAQs, they are designed for families with an annual income of approximately $30-$70K per year ($500 IKEA Gift card included for furnishings), and there are stipulations on how you can sell the home etc, so it sounds as if it is intended for low-mid income people who want to own rather than rent.

  4. lockdog says:

    Looks like they’re basically modular or prefab homes, which are showing up a little more in the US. Despite being knocked around as one step above a trailer, modular houses have a pretty good reputation in the construction trade. They’re built on giant jigs, basically so the tolerances are really small, the quality of the workforce is higher in a the factory-like setting, and because the things need to be survive be assembled in the factory, broken down, shipped and reassembled on site they tend to be crazy strong compared to your normal stick build house. And since most use structural insulated panels they are very energy efficient. If I weren’t planning to go DIY either cordwood or timberframe I’d seriously look at modular. They give you a lot of bang for your buck, and new design software means you don’t end up with hundreds of identical houses, in fact each can pretty much be as individualized as you want.
    Theres a tradition here,anyways. Most people know you could buy house kits from Sears back in the day. Round here there are still a few houses that were sold as kits by Steel Cases. Yes, the people who make filing cabinets. And they tend to be a lot like living in a filing cabinet. Rivets in the panels in the walls. Stamped steel siding, steel chimney, enameled steel kitchen cabinets, sinks and tubs. Crazy.

  5. Instigator says:

    They look like slums just waiting to happen.

  6. Smackdown says:

    Yeah, don’t knock the new prefab. FlatPak is the shit, and I wish I could afford it.