Amazon Tells Customers, "Surprise, You're Pregnant!"

Amazon sent out some unexpected bundles of email joy earlier this week, when it let unsuspecting couples know that not only did they have a baby gift registry, but that someone had bought them something off of it. Julee writes, “I was shocked to find out we were expecting a child. So was my husband. And that someone had been stalking us online early enough in the process to know to buy us a gift!” She asked her married friends and found out that they, too, had received similar good news. Babies for everyone! Hooray!

The next day, Amazon followed up with this email:

We’re contacting you about the e-mail message we mistakenly sent to you indicating that an item was purchased from your baby registry; this message was sent to you in error. We intended to send you an e-mail regarding your Amazon Wedding Registry, but the text of the message was incorrect. Please watch for a message regarding your Amazon Wedding Registry in the next day or two.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Julee adds,

I’m glad that the situation has been cleared up, but only after causing several high-stress and awkward moments of, “Did you fill out a baby registry while you were drunk?” among recently married couples I know.

Really, it should have been obvious to Julee and her friends that Amazon made an error with this—everyone knows that only Google has access to that kind of personal information.

(Thanks to Julee!)
(Photo: Getty)