Woman Finds Thumbtack In Snack Wrap, McDonald's "Takes It Very Seriously"

WHO: Stephani Ann Carpenter was finishing off the last bite of her snack wrap when she bit into something hard that pierced her tongue.
WHAT: Stephani had bitten into a thumbtack. Sheriffs investigated and determined that the tack had probably fallen from a cork board that was located above where the snack wraps were made.
WHERE: Port Charlotte woman: pin in McDonald’s snack [Herald Tribune] (Thanks, Cory!)
THE QUOTE: “Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers,” said Paul Van Sickle, director of operations for McDonald’s Florida Region. “This was an isolated incident which we take very seriously. We always strive to give our customers an enjoyable and pleasant restaurant experience in a clean and safe environment.”



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  1. emptydarkone says:

    It’s nice to know they are taking it ‘very seriously’. Makes one wonder what else might be added to their food. Well, if you can call it food…

  2. Coder4Life says:

    Few weeks ago I was at Old Chicago in dsm, ia. I was eating my lasagna and bit into a hard object. Just to find out it was a Screw. The manager came out and made a joke if we had been shopping at Home Depot and I didn’t find it comical but I did get about $50 worth of meal and drinks for free.

  3. Bill Brasky says:

    Sad part is that the tack probably had more nutritional value…

  4. Shappie says:

    New Old Chicago being built in Ankeny, IA. Maybe we can get some sawdust in our food…

  5. Ghede says:

    @bill51773: The snack wraps are probably in the top ten healthiest things at Mc Donalds, which isn’t saying much. Number ten is probably the water.

  6. snoop-blog says:

    well that’s what happens when you piss the hamburgler off!

  7. Tank says:

    if i find a noodle in here, i’m not paying for this either!

  8. SBR249 says:

    “would you like a tongue piercing to go with that happy meal madam?”

  9. jimv2000 says:

    Would you like a litigatable incident to go with that snackwrap?

  10. kittenfoo says:
  11. kittenfoo says:

    sorry. i was wanting to link to “excuse me waiter, there’s a lolcat in my salad.” ignore me. carry on.

  12. shan6 says:

    So I guess I’ve finally seen a case for a lawsuit that won’t get ridiculed by a bunch of people.

  13. TMurphy says:

    This is probably a good thing. This woman likely won’t be eating at McDonalds again.

  14. Cad06 says:

    To be fair, no restaurant would allow this to happen, it just happens to be the largest fast food retailer on the planet.

  15. snoop-blog says:

    hey in mc world……..it could happen.

  16. ekthesy says:

    McDonalds sez: “What’s the matter? She just had a snack a-tack!”

    Thank you! I be here all the week.

  17. ancientsociety says:

    In a perfect world, when this kind of thing happened, it’d be nice to have a company say either “We’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again and will make it right with the customer” or “LOL. We really couldn’t give a f***.”

    “We’re taking it seriously” – WTF does that even mean?

  18. nursetim says:

    Like a company is going to say “We’ll get around to dealing with this sometime”.

  19. SaraAB87 says:

    It seems that EVERY company is “taking it very seriously” nowadays, how many times have I heard that phrase used on here now in relation to customer service?

  20. caffeinequeen says:


    Great, I just snorted and now my boss knows I’m not actually working!

  21. Parting says:

    A colleague found a TEETH in his rice, which h bough at a local Thai food parlor. He brought it back, but the owner never found our how a human teeth got into rice :( Let’s say we don’t eat there any more.

  22. Kounji says:

    @nursetim: Seriously
    That’s becoming the new customer service phrase. Someone needs to coin something else like” We’re going to get to the bottom of this” or “This is unacceptable, and we’re going to make it right.”

  23. AcidReign says:

        Along with an apology, and the “taking it seriously” statement, there should be some free food or coupons. That’s how you head off a lot of lawsuits…

  24. nrwfos says:

    No they won’t. This is the only phrase that the lawyers think won’t lead to any taking of responsibility that would inevitably lead to a lawsuit. If they said any thing else at all, it would be a step toward the courthouse. Unfortunately, that is the case. Even if the lady in this case didn’t sue, some other idiot would. And I’m thinking that it is a reason to sue since damage could have taken place. She did ingest it. It did hurt her mouth. And if swallowed it would have probably led to surgery. Most of the time, I don’t think there’s much ground for the litigious to stand on…but here there really is. And McD had better take it seriously.

  25. bobert says:

    Stuff like this happens in restaurants. It even happens in peoples’ kitchens at home.

    I’m much more curious about how Mackie D’s handled it afterward. It sounds like they didn’t dispute her story. Did they offer to pay for a doctor visit to check out her pierced tongue?

    About 25 years ago I went to a very tasty home cookin’ restaurant in Fort Worth. The fried chicken was great, but the biscuit had a big chunk of glass that sliced my tongue and cheek and left me spitting out blood. The owner took no responsibility at all, wouldnt pay for a doctor visit, wouldn’t even admit the glass was in the biscuit, or that they’d broken something in the back and hadn’t pitched the dough. I was a lot nicer (more naive) then and just left without kicking up a big fuss and didn’t go back. If it happened today, I would be a lot more assertive.

  26. magus_melchior says:

    @ancientsociety: It means, “Nothing more to see here. Move along, go away.”

  27. Joafu says:

    @ekthesy: Wooo!

    But seriously, who goes to McDonalds hoping to have quality food? I always make sure I’m current on my hepatitis vaccines before I eat, now it looks like I’m going to get a tetanus booster as well.

  28. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    @ekthesy: Snack-a-tack gets a point.

    This was down the road a piece from us and was in our local paper. They think the tack fell into the wrap off of a bulletin board in the ‘kitchen’ area.

    That’s why I get my food to go…on carry out food – no ‘tacks’ :)

  29. yesteryear says:

    why people are still eating this crap is beyond me. this is like buying your medicine at a dollar store and complaining when it doesnt work.

  30. forgottenpassword says:

    lol they have a cork board directly above the snack wrap preparation area? And noone saw this as any kind of accident waiting to happen?

    Let me Guess…. they keep the rat poison on a shelf above the burger preparing station as well.


  31. misslisa says:

    @bobert: Was the restaurant in FTW called Massey’s?

  32. theblackdog says:

    @forgottenpassword: Beat me to it about the cork board. Let’s hope they don’t switch to a magnetic board.