Misplaced Poster Reminds You To "Generate Many Millions of Dollars" For JetBlue

Reader Adam noticed something strange about a poster at the JetBlue terminal at JFk…

My girlfriend and I had a layover at JFK last week. While I was waiting for her in the bathroom I started reading a poster that seemed to be prompting me to get a JetBlue American Express card.

I say seemed because as it turned out this wasn’t a poster prompting me to sign up for the credit card, but a poster prompting JetBlue employees to entice consumers to sign up for the card with a promotion offering a “complimentary” in-flight alcoholic beverage (the fact that this promotion expired in June 2006 isn’t even the funniest part of this misplaced poster). What really caught my eye and woke me up out of my early morning layover haze with the final selling point – the why. Why should they encourage consumers to sign up for the card? To generate millions of extra dollars for JetBlue of course.

I for one wasn’t sold to sign up with the thought of helping the airline make more money. How did this poster get placed there? And how long has it been there, since 2006?

Well, that’s hilarious.


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