Alltel Tells Father They Won't Waive ETF For Soldier Deployed To Iraq Unless He Is Deceased

Mark writes in,

My son recently was deployed to Iraq. His cell phone carrier is Alltel. Prior to leaving for Irag, he cancelled his cell phone coverage before the completion of his 2 year contract commitment. As his father, I telephoned Alltell, explained the situation and asked Alltel to have the $200 early termination fee waived. Alltel explained they only waive the $200 early termination fee if the party is DECEASED.

Seriously, that’s just messed up.

Mark, check out this post about Alltel’s policy for those serving in the military. Even if they refuse to budge on the ETF, they should be able to hold the account in limbo for 18 months without charging any fees.

(Thanks to Mark!)

“A Document Alltel Looks At When You Want To Cancel Cellphone Service”

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