NFL Is Personally Offended By KFC's "Ambush Marketing"

Oh no! By offering $260,000 to charity if a New York Giants or New England Patriots player does “the chicken dance” in the end zone during SuperBowl XLII, KFC has offended the delicate sensibilities of the National Football League.

“KFC is not affiliated with the NFL in any fashion, so this is a textbook case of ambush marketing 101,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said. “There are many different companies that try to draft off the excitement of the Super Bowl that have no right to any of the activities going on.”

The horror. The NFL went on to say that any player caught incorporating the chicken dance into his endzone celebration could face fines.

“We’re not going to play the role of Simon Cowell and critique dances,” McCarthy said. “But if a player acted in a way that was a reflection of a corporate message, then we’d have to take a look at it.”

Now, now, Mr. McCarthy. Don’t try to “draft off the excitement” of American Idol. We’re on to you.

KFC says they have a charitable plan for the money even if no player or half-time performer does the dance.

NFL: Players should duck chicken promo [Boston Herald]
(AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

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