"Help, I've Been Ripped Off By A Gas Station!"

Reader Dave thinks he’s been purposefully ripped off by a gas station in CT:

Just wanted to let some of the folks living in or traveling in Southeast CT to avoid any of the Sunoco Stations that are owned by “Chucky’s”.

My wife and I stopped at the Sunoco that is located on Route 1 in Stonington the other night, because they had their lighted sign showing a price of $3.35 a gallon for premium fuel. It was night time and we did not notice until we were halfway thru pumping that the digital readout on the pump read $3.47 a gallon, which is obviously $.12 cents a gallon different.

When we went to complain to the person in the Kiosk, we encountered a very belligerent clerk who basically tried to tell us he knew nothing about the price that was on the huge, lighted sign.

Just another example of someone price gouging, but with definitive, and pre-calculated actions to insure he can rip off the most number of people possible.

We will never purchase anything from any of the gas stations owned by the “Chucky’s” group again!!!



Not to discourage you from patronizing another gas station, but you might want to consider reporting the station to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection. They have a hotline set up for complaints like yours.

Governor Rell’s Gasoline Price Hotline: 1-800-842-2649.

If you suspect shenanigans are going on, don’t just write to us! Tell the people who can really do something about it.

Energy Information [DCP]
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