Reach Office Depot Executive Customer Service, an internal source says, is a good email contact for reaching Office Depot executive customer service, those cool cats who can solve tricky customer service issues when the lower level people fail. “Office Depot calls it customer relations,” our tipster tells us, “and I’ll be the first one to tell you that we cave easily.”

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  1. tange1 says:

    I believe consumerist is keeping all this info in a searchable form correct? Where can we find this?

  2. viqas says:

    by typing it in the search box at the top of the screen?

  3. Ben Popken says:

    @tange1: Here is the format:

  4. Bay State Darren says:

    Here’s my question: How do we EECB Consumerist?

  5. krunk4ever says:

    I’ve never really had an issue using Office Depot’s contact us form. They’ve always gotten back to me within 48hrs and said that the store manager would be getting in touch with me soon. At which point they’ve always made things right for me.

  6. krunk4ever says:

    @tange1: the search system here is rather bad, i just use google and enter the following query: companyName executive customer service

  7. techjunkie452 says:

    Yeah, I work for office depot part time and I must say that they do really cave in easily. Usually if the manager on duty can not satisfy a customer, we usually give the number for corporate out to customers who, quite frankly, just wont take no for an answer. Once the customer calls and hears out their situation, the District Manager gets note of this and shoots an email to the store manager and tells them to basically cave in and give the customer what they want.

    The DM, at least for our district, really believes in the “customer is always right” frame of mind.

  8. BrentNewland says:

    From fatwallet (or slickdeals or somewhere):

    “I called the store, tech depot and the 800-go-depot folks and they all said to call someone else. Finally I called Office Depot’s corporate office at 561-438-4800. You have to hit “0” to get to an operator. Ask for “Executive Customer Service.””

  9. HolbrookCacique says:

    Wow – I am so glad I found your advise to contact the Office Depot Executive Customer Service. After a month long hideous experience with the website, 800 number, local store and regional office – These folks said “YES” to my rebate and made it happen within an hour.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Whatever! This company will simply NOT let you return anything. I have never seen a company with so many restrictions on returning merchandise. Why don’t you make it easy and just let your customers know that there are NO RETURNS.

  11. Anonymous says:

    i had a very bad experience with Office depot. I bought a laptop last August 2008 and sent my rebate forms thru mail twice, faxed it thrice and sent it thru e-mail once and everytime I call them to follow-up they keep on saying thet they have not receive it yet. It’s almost 6 months and i dont know if i will still get my $125 rebate. :(

  12. Anonymous says:


    I am kicking myself for not turning around and walking back out of an Office Depot in Los Angeles. There was an elderly gentleman who was screaming at the employees; because, he was pissed off about NOT being allowed to return some merchandise.

    I purchased several products for my home business and needed to return a few unopened products 2 days later. The store manager seemed to come up with a reason that I couldn’t return anything I had just bought from these crooks. I wasted a lot of time talking to several managers, only to be told that the products I had just purchased and did not open – couldn’t be returned.

    Horrible customer service, I will NEVER return!

  13. javland says:

    On 5/21/09 I purchased a leather case for my new blackberry from Office Depot. After less that a week of use the belt clip sheared off the back of the case. I returned to Office Depot today to return the item and was told that they would have to charge me a “15% restocking fee” because I did not save the original packaging.

    I was certain that common sense and good customer service would prevail once I spoke with the store manager, after all this item was obviously not going to be restocked and the case was clearly defective.

    Sadly that is not what happened; As I worked my way up the chain of command from the cashier to the assistant manager and then finally the store manager each parroted the same reply; “that is company policy and there is nothing I can do about it”.

    It seemed more likely that there was nothing they chose to do about it. Even photographing the defective leather case and stating that I was going to write to about this injustice did nothing to sway them. The manager seemed to find that statement very amusing.

    As my feeling of frustration increased, so did the size of the smirk on the manager’s face. He actually seemed to enjoy antagonizing his customers. Our conversation concluded with him telling me that if I didn’t like it I could call their 800 number to complain as he turned and walked away. I’ve already wasted enough time on the matter of principle alone here. The actual dollar amount was only a little over one. One-dollar and six-cents to be exact.

    As shown on the attached receipt photo, Office Depot charged me $15.89 including sales tax and would only agree to refund me $14.83.

    So, Office Depot cheated me out of $1.06. They would have certainly made much more than that from future purchases had they not treated me so poorly. I certainly won’t be shopping there again!

  14. whaleyf says:

    CALL THAT NUMBER. They are great. After the worst, and I do me worst customer service I got from the store warranty people I’m finally getting some help. Not only are they doing an investigation, I was given the name of the person helping me AND her direct phone number. Just amazing. If you yell long enough and loud enough and keep looking for new people to yell at you CAN get the service you deserve.